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Welcome to my newest blog, “Where the Ghosts Live.”  I’ve had a fascination with the afterlife since I was about 14 when I started having several unexplained occurrences going on in my home and kept seeing shadows and movement out of the corner of my eye that I could not explain.

These strange events have continued throughout my lifetime and it seems that it doesn’t matter where I am.  I have moved 6 times since this all started and I’ve had continued experiences.  I’d like to start this blog by sharing a few of those with you today.

My Childhood Home, Shirley, MAAt the age of 7, I moved to a house in the town of Shirley, Massachusetts that was more than 100 years old.  I remember hearing all the stories of how much it had changed over the years structurally.  I remember my parents telling the story of the banging noises they kept hearing after they moved in.  They were getting their room set up (behind the first two front windows and left side window) and kept hearing a banging from inside the walls of their bedroom.  The noises were very intermittent but continued over a period of about a month.  They found out after a while that there had been a fireplace in that room that had been covered up.  They could never prove the source and debunked it as being an animal or rattling air that had settled in spaces behind the wall.

As I got older, whatever was in that house seemed to become more active.  I was about 14 when the activity picked up rapidly.  I recall that I would curl my hair in front of the television and I would see a shadow sitting on the steps to my right.  Our family room was a finished room in the basement, (the white  and red bricked area in the above picture).  The next room over was my brother’s room but by this time, he had moved off to college.  Through his room to the right was an unfinished, typical basement area with a laundry room in the back.  None of the dogs I ever had while growing up would ever go back that far for some reason.

The two most notable things that happened, happened in my brother’s room.  I had a friend stay over one night and we decided to sleep in the hide-a-bed in that there.  The head of the bed was up against the wall with the laundry area’s door to its right and the outside door on the left side.  It was late and we were talking the night away, as most teenaged girls do.  All of a sudden, we both sat straight up in a panic and looked at each other, “DID YOU SEE THAT?” (My hair still stands on end when I tell this story.)  We had both seen a full body apparition walk from one side of the bed, all the way around to the other!  It seemed to be a figure of a young girl.  My friend and I still recall the event in the same way.

Some time later we had electrical occurrences that were unexplained.  We had a radio that would turn its timer dial on and play just before I came home from school.  No one had been in the house prior to my arrival to turn that 60 minute dial to the on position.  Another time, an unplugged lamp turned on then off several times in that same basement room.  My parents and I all witnessed that at the same time.

I’m not sure if the spirit/s are attached to me or to the house but when I moved, I continued witnessing paranormal activity at every location I’ve lived over my lifetime.  In my most recent house, where we have been the only owners, we hear doors open and close after being closed properly, door handles jiggle, noises as if something is bumping into a wall, footsteps and apparitions.  My most recent event that had more than one witness, happened about 3 months ago.  I am married with two teenage boys.  My husband and oldest son, as well as his girlfriend and a few of their friends have seen and heard things in this house.  My son, Dan had friends over one evening, most of whom were up in his room.  Patrick had stayed downstairs in the kitchen eating a snack and I was in the next room over, the living room.  We both, at the same time, heard a female voice speak, as if standing in the entry way to both rooms.  I thought one of the girls was in the kitchen with him.  He called to me to ask what I said.  That’s when we realized we were alone downstairs and neither of us had said a word but both had heard the same thing.

At this point in my life, I would be lost without some kind of activity going on every once in a while.  It has never bothered me but occasionally I do get a little freaked out about the fact that spirits can communicate after passing.

I could go on and on about what has gone on in my life pertaining to this subject.  I will save some for later posts.

Going forward I will cover many different reported hauntings and afterlife phenomenon and bring them to you via this blog site.  I would also like to take a few tours of some local sites to let you know what I find.  Perhaps I could sneak in some interviews with others who have had experiences and review some psychic mediums to report on them as well.  I hope you will follow this page as well as my other, http://www.PeaceAndHappinessProject.com which is geared toward helping you reduce stress and increase happiness.

Thank you for stopping by.  Tomorrow’s post will be about a local Massachusetts haunting.