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1380723_10151673118023456_1383467710_nAs promised, there will be several parts of this series on the S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, MA.  I have been asked by the owner to do a piece on table tipping.  They will be having a psychic fair at the mansion on October 18th that includes several different types of investigative styles that you can choose to participate in.  I will be covering, hopefully tomorrow, what table tipping is, hopefully a video example, what is going on at the fair, i.e. the times, prices and how to get tickets.  The proceeds from tours and events go toward the repair and upkeep of the mansion.

I urge you to read part 1 after you finish this one if you find this interesting.  It is about my experiences and my knowledge of the house and how I first became aware of it, a video clip of a voice from the beyond answering a question very clearly, and detailed summary of the deaths and unexplained happenings as well as a description of the findings from the recent episode of Ghost Adventures.

I am also hoping to do a video interview with a dear friend of mine who is, as I write this, at the mansion on lock down for an investigative tour.  I know she has already had an experience as she has shared via text.  More on that soon.

In this, part 2, I would like to share with you a 6 minute video short tour of the Victorian with Owner, Edwin Gonzalez.  He will be leading Kat, Tony and Wendy from Maine Ghost Hunters on a tour of the house during which he will explain several happenings that have taken place at the mansion with the past owner as well as some things that other investigators have witnessed.  He also shares some of his own stories while you get to see what some of the inside of the house looks like.

What did you think of the reflection in the mirror they showed in the beginning that was caught on a Nikon camera without the flash setting?

This is the last video for the night.  It is also from Maine Ghost Hunters.  It is about 3 minutes and shows a short flashlight session with communication from the spirits.


If you have visited this house, what were your experiences.  Please let us know in the comment thread.

There are a great number of videos on the internet with EVP and video evidence that are much longer.  I will keep this a short post.  More tomorrow on “Table Tipping.”

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