The house of Seven Gables, also known as the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion is located  at 115 Derby Street in Salem, Massachusetts and is listed on the National register of historical places.  It was built by John Turner in 1668, making it the oldest wooden mansion in New England.  It was owned by the family for three generations before it was taken over by the Ingersoll family.

John Turner’s oldest son who was named after him, eventually inherited the property.  It is said that he feared for the safety of his sisters during the Salem witch trials and built a staircase along the fireplace up to the second floor to provide a place for the girls to hide if the magistrate came looking for witches during the crazed historic witch scare.  It is hidden through a narrow door next to the fireplace where it looks like wood would have been stored.

It has been said that the house is haunted.  Many people have said they have seen a ghost roaming the hallways and they believe it to be the ghost of Susan Ingersoll. Susan is the cousin of author, Nathaniel Hawthorne who visited the location often.  He later went on to write a book entitled, “The House of Seven Gables,” which was a follow up to his successful book, “The Scarlet Letter.” Others speculate that the ghost of a young boy was seen and may have been Nathaniel himself.

There are several other historical buildings that were moved to this site, including Nathaniel’s childhood home, which was moved more than 50 years ago.

You can view this quick 2:45 minute video for a quick view of the house:

anonym7gab1I have found several pictures online of photos taken from outside the house that shows what could be an apparition but nowadays with Photoshop, it would have to be a photo from someone I know in order to believe it.

The Grave Addiction site posted this photo of a woman in the window that was submitted to them.

The mansion is now owned by a private organization who has restored the house to its original construction.  It is said that they will not allow psychic or paranormal investigators into the home to report their findings.  According to one of the pages they want to keep the home undisturbed.  So, there are no ghost tours.  They do offer walk through tours in which they give the history of the house and you can view hundreds of historical artifacts.

If you are interested in reading about what some people have experienced as far as paranormal activity, there are several personal accounts that were written in to the author of the website, The Grave Addiction. 

People have reported to hear screams, whispers, and the feeling of an entity who followed one person home.

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