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Are you planning a Halloween gathering this year?  Here are some ideas for games to play.  Some of these can be played at any age.  I will be DJing a Halloween event for a local school and wanted to share some games for them to choose from and thought I’d share with all…

la10275134_1007_doughnuts_xlDonut Gobbling Contest

Donuts are tied to a string that is tied to a rod or ceiling, (Duct tape should hold the string) so that all the donuts reach the guests.  Have them knees down to make the game more difficult.  They put their hands behind their back and if anyone can eat the whole donut without it landing on the floor or using their hands, they win a prize.  To make it easier, mini donuts could be used or to make it even more difficult, you can use blind folds.

APPLEApple Bobbing Contest

This is an age-old contest.  Each person gets 3 turns to grab an apple using their teeth.  If they succeed, their prize is the apple.  (Be sure to remove apples that have been bitten into before the next person takes a turn.)

costumeCostume Contest

You can choose who judges the costumes.  It can be the hosts, by holding your hand above each participant and the person who gets the most screams wins, or by secret paper voting.  You can do overall costume winner or you can choose to do it by categories, Scariest, Funniest, Most Creative, etc.

scariestScariest Witches Cackle/Ghost Howl/Scream Contest

This can be done as 3 separate contests or all as one.  Each person gets a chance to sound scary.  They choose which category or noise they want to make.  The scariest, wins.  When doing this with young children, you may want to tell them that you will let them know when it is their turn.  You can follow it up with a group cackle or howl at the end.

Halloween-Wooden-TagsHalloween Candy Jar Guess

Candy corn can be used but to make it easier to count without contaminating the candy, wrapped candy, such as Hershey’s Kisses is easier.  Using slips of paper, people guess the number of candies inside the jar.  The person who comes closest wins the jar.  A mason jar or themed jar will work.

LLBalloon Relay

Using black or orange balloon, set up even teams with one balloon and one plastic spoon. (The larger the groups, the longer the race but will require more prizes.)  The team stands on one side of the room and travels to a designated distance and back.  They need to carry the balloon on the spoon the entire way.  The bigger the balloon, the harder it is.  If the balloon touches the floor or they use their hands they have to go back and start over.  This provides a great deal of laughs.  The fist team to complete, wins.

hotPass the Balloon/Apple Game

If you already have balloons or apples from other games you can use them or other Halloween themed objects.  This is played like a hot potato game.  When the music starts pass the object in to the right around a circle.  When the music stops, those holding the objects will be out of the game.  The smaller the circle, the less object that should be used until there is one left for two people.  The last one holding the object when the music stops is out and the other person wins a prize.

972740490_drq5m-xl-2Mummy Wrap Contest

This requires at least 4 rolls of toilet paper per group of 3 people.  The group will wrap one of the members in toilet paper.  Once all the toilet paper has been used, the group the has wrapped the person with the least amount of them showing, wins. (Be sure if you are working with children that they do not wrap the person’s nose or mouth.)  This is always a huge hit!  If, you’re doing this with younger children, designate children of the same height to be wrapped.  Not only does that make it more fair but by choosing the person who gets wrapped, you may save some arguments.

indexCostumed Dance Contest

Everyone wearing a costume competes in this dance contest.  The best dancer is recognized and awarded a prize.  Runner-up prizes can be given and the voting can take place however the hosts choose, by them or the guests.

wordsHalloween Word Search Contest

Using the word search to the left or use one that you have created, print out several copies and give them to groups of 3 or 4.  Each group has 5 minutes to complete the search.  The winning team will be the one with the most words found or the group who finds all the words first. (Additional word searches can be found at Google Images.)

candy guessCandy Bowl Guess (2 Games in 1)

This requires a bowl or two of mixed candy to be kept out of site.  When it’s time for the game, each group of 4 people are handed slips of paper.  The bowl is shown quickly to the players then hidden again.  The group who can guess the most different types of candy they saw in the bowl wins a prize.  PART 2 – Blindfold the contestants and each person gets to pick a piece of candy from the bowl without the other people seeing the bowl’s contents.  The person turns to the group, hold up the candy and guesses what it is.  If they guess correctly, they keep the candy.  If they do not, it goes back into the bowl.  This game can go on until the bowl is empty.

These are enough to keep your party going for a while with lots of smiles and fun for all.  You can pick and choose or use them all.  There are many that are not listed here.  Please share what your favorite game is for Halloween.  Be sure if you are planning a party to read the comments for more suggestions.

Enjoy your party!!

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Missy Bell