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1186159_10151672956478456_1158944597_nMany people have expressed interest in going on investigations.  I have had such a great time learning the history of the places I have researched that I would love to go on a few as well, tag along with some professionals.  I also have a fascination as to why ghosts manifest themselves and stay in contact with the living.  I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same after I pass, and I’m sure, for each spirit it is for a different reason, but to know would be such so amazing.

I cannot see too far ahead of me on this path, if it leads anywhere or is a dead end.  For now, I am exploring what fascinates me, what has always fascinated me.

In my search for knowledge I came across a few sites that seem to be quite informative about questions I have about the paranormal.  Over the next few weeks next few weeks I’ll give a quick review of what they are about and list them for your reference, trying to keep each post focused on a specific area. If you decide you are interested in learning more, check them out.  (I will be adding these in here and there, mixed in with the research-style articles that I have been posting.

Keep in mind, I am new to this and I am just researching.  If there are people out there who have knowledge that they would like to share, I encourage it.  The one thing I ask is, that you keep negativity out of it.  (No bashing investigators, site operators, or sites themselves.  I find that completely unprofessional, no matter what the circumstances are.  I am doing this for the pure fascination of the paranormal and to perhaps figure out why I have had unexplained activity surrounding me since I was 13.)

If you have a site that focuses on the paranormal that you’d like me to mention in the future, or a location you have interest in learning more about, I’d be happy to research it online and bring you as in depth of a history as I can.

I am only as accurate as the information provided.  I am not psychic, well, if I am, my skills are not developed enough to discern truth from fiction in videos or written evidence, nor can I discern if someone has doctored a video or created a myth.

Always keep in mind that people will argue or try to find something misleading in any evidence that they did not see, hear, touch or smell for themselves in real time.  It’s human nature.  That being said, I do not always believe what I see or read, what I want is for you to form your own opinion or investigate for yourself.  That’s the excitement of it.

Here are some of the questions I have that I am looking to find the answers and webpages for so I can be more armed with knowledge about the field since my only current ideas come from television shows and what is on the web:

  1. What types of equipment are available to investigators and how do they work?
  2. What are all the ways a spirit or entity manifests?
  3. What types of entities are there and how can you tell the difference between spirits that are good and those who mean to do harm?
  4. What type of findings are the most accurate and why?
  5. Is there a time when the activity seems to be more active?
  6. What are the theories behind why spirits follow people or attach themselves to the living?
  7. What part does a Medium play in the role of an investigation and what are ways they gather knowledge and information.
  8. What are some places that are said to be very haunted that I would like to visit one day?  (These will be locations I will be researching the history of and posting about in the future.)

I look forward to the journey and challenge as always.

If there are questions you have or if you are interested in reading the findings of anything above, let me know in the comments.

Also, if you are an investigator and would like to share, I would love to hear from you.  How did you get started? What steps did you take?

I am looking forward to going to a psychic fair at the S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner and I am hoping to have my own encounter with the afterlife.  I’ll let you know…

Thank you for stopping by.  As always, I truly appreciate it.  For posts on paranormal locations, see the side bar on the left.   That is also where you can follow this blog.  (Scroll to the bottom of the post to share.)  I hope you will follow this or my other blog, The Peace and Happiness Project where I offer up inspiration, tips and tools on how to reduce stress and increase happiness and a few posts on what makes me happy and brings me peace.

Have an amazing day!

Missy Bell