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What is a flashlight investigation?  How are they used to contact the paranormal?  Is this method accurate in determining if spirits are present and actually trying to answer questions?

I wanted to show you a few flashlight investigations.  Watch as many or as few as you would like then catch up with me at the bottom.

Midwest Paranormal Investigators – Flashlight Pushed Off the Table (4 Minutes 37 seconds.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP2cb0m80Bw

N.i.g.h.t.s. Paranormal Investigations video – Flashlight Session: Nights Paranormal Investigations.  I have a hard time NOT believing this is true.  They used a second medium, a camcorder, that caught an orb float to the flashlight and away.  The interesting part is that they don’t mention it. (3 minutes, 40 seconds.)

Colorado Para Tech goes into great detail here to explain the inner workings of an ordinary flashlight that they used to use during their investigations.  They will be debunking a great bit of their past findings due to the inaccuracy of the ones they were using.  Click the link if you wish to see this 18 minute video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GHrVG9Q9n8 They have  created a new type of flashlight that they will show in this video to be more effective than the standard flashlight.

My thought process is this… If several pieces of equipment are in use at the same time and they are in conjunction with there being a spirit in the room, wouldn’t this be more convincing?  I would think there would need to be more than one piece of evidence to prove beyond a doubt there was something there.  I would think the temperature readings, video, photography, and other instruments could be used to back up the flashlight’s evidence.

I wouldn’t take the flashlight alone as sole evidence but the videos are fascinating!

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Missy Bell