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1381465_10151702152093456_593439603_n - CopyTake my hand as we venture on a journey through a certified haunted mansion.  I will guide you through my experiences, explain how I felt and share with you some pictures of the inside of the home that will take you back in time to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

I had the opportunity to speak with Edwin who is a very kind and gentle man.  He and Lillian are very attached to the mansion but due to circumstances that were out of their control, they had to leave their home.

The caretakers, Tina and Marion are equally fantastic and personable people.  One conversation with any of them and you feel as if you’ve known them forever.  The house holds amazing charm and character.  I would recommend a visit if you ever get the chance.

1390781_10151702151988456_555292548_nYou will immediately fall in love with the beautiful charm of this house.  The wood around the doors is original to the home and is spectacular.  The fireplaces are original to the home and only burn coal.

Lillian has a magnificent eye for decorating and the main floor and bedrooms are beautifully decorated with art and furniture that would have you question if it belonged to S. K. Pierce himself.

The safe, pictured below belonged to Sylvester’s wife, Ellen.

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3422_10151702151283456_122910843_n - CopyIf you look closely, you may even see some of Jay Stemmerman’s, a former occupant of the 60’s, art that was left behind.

Our first tour of the inside was on Friday, October 18th during the Blood moon/Lunar eclipse.  Spirit Sleepers Investigators was on site with an amazing team of Tarot and Palm Readers from Salem, MA.  I will go further into detail about my Tarot and palm readings here, in a different post starting tomorrow.

1374947_10151702151533456_134244336_nI will tell you though, that on this night, they had a table tipping ceremony that was unbelievable.  My husband and friends were very hungry by 8:40 when the first of two sessions started and were eager to eat.  We journeyed across the street to get some pizza and discuss the evening.  Guests and Reverends came over to use the restroom and were raving about what we had missed.  Someone showed us a short video of the table jumping like crazy and told us it could be heard from two floors down on the first floor.  Several of the residing spirits had communicated loud and clear.  There is a personal account from one of the people who was sitting in on the session that can be viewed by going to their Facebook page, “Haunted Victorian Mansion” and viewing October 19th’s posts.  Several people who had come over also testified that the table started jumping immediately and several spirits came through.

On this first trip I was joined by my husband, one of best friends, her adult son and younger daughter.  We all had separate experiences.  There was always quite a bit of chatter and activity from the living so I would have to say that if there was more activity than what I mention, it could have been easily overlooked.  The group I was with had several experiences in addition to mine.

I had a jacket on that left my arms exposed from the elbow down.  As were ascending the staircase from the first floor foyer to the second floor. I felt a buzz of static electricity pass me going in the opposite direction.  I could feel it on my face and arms especially and it sent a chill down my spine.

When we were in the room that was one used as a brothel, where several women had been lost their lives, I could feel a mild pressure on my chest.  It was explained that many women have felt ill in this room and some have had to leave the room in order to feel better.

I took a great number of pictures both days, hoping to capture an orb or something fascinating.  When I took a picture of a mirror while in the dark, as the flash went off I jumped as did the man standing behind me because we thought we saw something.  When I got home and looked at the pictures, I was shocked at what I thought I saw in the mirror.  I see a young woman bent over with her face close to the mirror.  Her arm looks bent up toward her chest as if she saying “come here.”  She was not part of the tour and the image looks translucent.  This photo was taken with an iPhone 4S in the dark, with flash.  The only editing that was done was cropping to bring the inside of the mirror closer, and the drawing you see where I outlined the girl.  What do you see?

1391466_10151702152288456_1397926055_n - Copy1383845_10151702200183456_769926872_n

1383463_10151702152398456_1627083162_nWe were even allowed to climb the spiral stairwell to the widow’s peak and get a look out of the window, four stories up.  I took great pleasure in snapping a few picture of the cars across the street that were waiting to turn.  I could only imagine the stories they told about a flashing light coming from the fourth story window of the scary haunted Victorian.

During both trips I felt very disoriented, but more so on the second.  I am very good with directions and don’t get turned around easily but the entire time inside the mansion I was unsure of where I was within the house.  I’ve been through twice and could not tell you the layout.  On the second trip, a different friend brought her friend with her.  The two of us were somewhat disoriented for about 45 minutes after we left.

The second tour was two days later (tonight, Sunday, October 20th) with all proceeds going toward the Relay for Life.  I was so pleased to see how successful it was.  We arrived at 4:30 and were standing in line waiting for a tour.  When we left, the line was out the door and to the end of the street.

I felt more during the second visit.  I felt dizzy in two different rooms, heaviness in my chest in another and toward the end of the tour, the center of my stomach was upset.  I felt something tickle my face on the first floor during Edwin’s introduction on the first floor.

There is a room in the basement, described as a hotbed of activity, where they have chairs set up for investigators so I decided to take a seat.  As I sat there, the right arm of the chair started to vibrate, the right side of my body became very cold and I felt something touch my face for a second time.

My phone was acting strangely during both tours.  I can’t even tell you what it was doing the first night.  It kept showing me a screen of mini pictures when I was trying to snap a shot.  I’ve looked at the phone since to try to figure out what I may have touched to make it do that and I cannot figure it out.  Tonight, the flash wasn’t working but was clearly on.  Some of the pictures came out blurry as if the lens was dirty and a couple others were very dark.  There are several pictures I took that are not even in the album when I tried to find them, one of them being in the basement room that I spoke of above and one of the staircase from the third floor looking down to the second floor landing.  I’m not sure how many others are missing.

1378883_10151702150293456_1247079732_n - CopyOne of the rooms had an old photo album that Lillian had purchased and did not belong to the Pierce Family.  As I was looking through it with my friend, Rebecca, I started to feel dizzy and nauseous.

For additional history and videos of evidence that was captured here by investigative teams, read the other pieces I have written about this location:

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Again, I urge, if you have the chance to visit, I highly recommend that you jump at the chance.  It is an experience you will not soon forget.  I know I am grateful to have had the opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this today.  I hope you will return for many more upcoming posts as well as the ones that have already been written.  Please take a moment to share, follow or “like” this page.

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