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Several friends, my husband and I are planning a trip to “The Witch City” of Salem, MA.  It is not only a ghostly city, but also home to on of the most significant seaports in America.  It is home to the 1692 historical witch trials.  With many shop, such as,  New Age and Wiccan boutiques, kitschy Halloween, witch-themed attractions and a vibrant downtown that has more than 60 restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, the 15th Annual Retailers Association of Massachusetts names Salem as the best place to shop.

If you plan on visiting, be sure to plan in advance which shops, museums or haunted locations you would like to visit.  There is simply too much to see in just one weekend.

Below you will find a great selection of museums, cemeteries, historical homes, shops, tours, mock witch trials and much more.  I’m sure you will find something to satisfy everyone.  If you are interested in stopping in to a haunted house, be sure to check the website offered with many locations that I will cover at a later time.  As you narrow your choices, be sure to contact the location to ensure they are operating during the time of your visit.  Some of the locations are seasonal and close after October or November and open again around April.


  • Burying Point – Charter Street – The oldest cemetery in Salem contains the grave sites of Mayflower voyagers and John Hathorne, Judge from the Salem witch trials.

Historical Houses and Museums:

  • Corwin House/Witch House – 310 Essex Street – The only structure still standing with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692.
  • Salem Witch Museum – 19 1/2 Washington Sq N. – Salem’s most visited museum focuses on the Witch Trials of 1692.
  • Witch History Museum – 283R Derby Street – Hear the untold stories of the witch trials.  Open April through November.
  • Chestnut Street – The antique houses on this street showcase one of the most architecturally beautiful streets in America.
  • Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery – 285 Derby Street, Salem – Hollywood FX artists have reproduced life sized monsters from over 30 different horror movies.
  • House of Seven Gables – 54 Turner Street – Includes a guided tour of the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion (The House of the Seven Gables), a visit to the Nathaniel Hawthorne House, the Counting House, the Colonial Revival Gardens, and the waterfront.
  • Museum Place – East India Square – This shopping mall offers specialty shops, , home to a single family for over 5 generationsan eatery and 3 screen movie theater and home of the Nightmare Factory, Salem’s oldest haunted house.
  • Phillips Street – 34 Chestnut Street – This is a federal style mansion that showcases 5 generations of artifacts.
  • Pickering House – 18 Broad Street – The oldest home in America, home to a single family for more than 3 1/2 centuries.
  • Salem Wax Museum – 288 Derby Street
  • Salem’s Witch Village – 282 Derby Street – Discover the myths and facts about witchcraft.  Hysteria Pass covers admission to the Wax Museum and the Witch Village.  Open year round.
  • Salem Witch Museum – 32 Derby Square – A great overview of the ares history and attractions.


  • Salem Trolley – 8 Central Street – One hour tours through Salem with all day shuttle service.
  • The Salem Witch Walk – 125 Essex Street – Join Salem Witches bless you, take you on a tour of a graveyard and teach you the truth about different types of witchcraft.
  • Witch City Segway – 283R Derby Street – a two hour tour through the city’s attractions on a Segway.

Witch Trials:

  • Witch Dungeon Museum – 16 Linde Street – Presentation of witch trial based on the 1692 actual transcripts.  Open April through November.

Occult, Witches and Psychics – Stores, Card Readers, Mediums, etc.:

  • Enchanted Magickal Shop – 98 Wharf St. –  H.P. Laurie Cabot’s new shop.  She was famed as the original owner of the first witch shop ever.  (Be sure to call for an appointment for tarot readings!)  Robyn Mortola is fantastic!
  • Lori Bruno – 63R Pickering Wharf
  • Omen – 184 Essex St.
  • Leanne Marrama – 246 Essex


  • Pickering Wharf – Derby Street – Featuring harbor tours and cruises, home to many boutiques, including occult and Wiccan shops.
  • Enchanted Magickal Shop – 98 Wharf St. –  H.P. Laurie Cabot’s new shop.  She was famed as the original owner of the first witch shop ever.  (Be sure to call for an appointment for tarot readings!)


  • Gallows Hill: The Witchcraft and Ghost Experience – 7 Lynde Street

This is an incomplete list as there is just so much to do.  These are all great places to start.

For a list of haunted locations, some of which (or witch) I will be covering the histories of here on this blog can be found by visiting the site, Salem MA Witch City Ghosts.

Please comment with your favorite location in Salem if you have visited in the past and we will report back after our visit.


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