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25mustseehaunts“Top Haunts Magazine” voted Spookyworld Nightmare New England in Litchfield, NH the best haunted house in the world for 2013 and the official site states it’s the “largest most terrifying haunted destination in the Northeast.”  It has 5 haunted attractions and several eateries and bars included on site.

A large group of us are headed there tomorrow evening so I thought I would report here on what we can expect.  I will touch base after with some pictures, and tales of horrors if we survive.

I took a look at what Spookyworld has to offer at this location (there are 2, the other being in RI).  Perhaps if I’m more prepared, I will be less startled.  I doubt it.  As I’ve mentioned many times over in comments on this site, I am more afraid of the living than I am of the dead.

Visitors can expect to have free reign of the newly expanded Monster Midway, but know you aren’t alone.  The living dead accompanies you on your adventure and may sneak up on you at any moment.   This is where you will find many attractions.  There will be several sideshow attractions, music, Zombie paintball, Go-Kart racing, Mini-Golf, Batting Cages, concessions, tarot card readings and a fire-pit.

All that sounds like fantastic, but add into the mix 5 different attractions to choose from with the possibility of new ones having been added, and you are sure to have a “spooktacular” time.

You will find the following attractions included with your admission (to find prices, head to the official webpage listed in the source area.  For discount coupons, visit a Dunkin’ Donuts prior to arrival.)

The Bishop Legacy – Brigham Manor

Brigham Manor is the home of the legendary Bishop family.  As the fictional tale goes, the family who built this home on the banks of the Merrimack River only ventured out at night and kept mostly to themselves.  After many people went missing and two cars belonging to several missing teens were found abandoned adjacent to their land, this Halloween-loving family who were reportedly partial to dark rituals was arrested.  It is said that the Bishop family has returned to haunt the home and the living members are back, ready to capture any new and unsuspecting guests.

Raven’s Claw Resurrection

Beware as you venture deep into the woods in the cemetery.  Watch your step as you pass by freshly dug graves.  Be ready to encounter a zombie or corpse as you pass gravestones, crypts and mausoleums.

Riverside Hospital

Riverside was turned into a psychiatric hospital to accommodate the many tormented souls who visited the Bishop estate to check out the property.  It didn’t take long for the hospital to be overfilled and understaffed.  When the Bishop Family returned, they paid the hospital a visit.  They cut all power, trapping the patients inside.  Travel through these halls with the light of a single glow stick and be prepared to hear the echos (or are they echos?) of the screaming residents.

The Colony

Take a walk through the woods along the Merrimack if you dare.  You may encounter members of “The Colony” who walk the darkness, away from the rest of society.

Freak Show in 3 D

“Enter the mind-bending labyrinth of 3-D Freak Show where a mutant army of freaks, evil clowns, and starving zombies reign supreme.”  Find your way through several obstacles while trying to avoid the monsters in the dark.

According to the official website, other attractions were being added as well.

Click below to view the Spookyworld & Nightmare New England Trailer 3

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If you have been to this location, please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section.  Also head over to the sidebar for fascinating stories of some TRULY haunted locations.

Happy Halloween!!

Missy Bell