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This Dutch colonial was built in 1925 on the edge of Amityville Creek.  It is said to be one of the most well document sites of paranormal activity.

One site states that the Lutz family did research at the Historical Society in town and found that it was built on an ancient burial ground where the Montaukett Tribe buried their enemies and those posesed by evil spirits. Hans Holtzer, a curator there told the Lutzes that an ancient Indian Chief was unearthed in the 1900’s near the property.  That information has either disappeared or never actually existed as there is no record of it now with the Historical Society.

The original owner of the home, John Moynahan died in the home in 1939.

The DeFeo family moved into the home in 1965.  In 1974 Ronald DeFeo Jr. was charged with the killings of his parents, two brothers and two sisters, execution style in their beds as they slept.

Jay Anson’s book, “The Amityville Horror,” was written as an account of the Lutz Family’s Sufferings.

Just 13 months after the murders, George and Kathy Lutz took over the home where the murders had taken place.  Jay Anson wrote the book, claiming the events stated within its pages were true events that the family endured during their stay in the home.

As this horror story goes, even though the home was blessed by a priest the day the family moved in, their personalities started to suffer changes.  Their children became bratty and the father would beat them.

As time went on, they started experiencing only what can be described as demonic.  There were an extreme number of flies constantly, no matter what the weather; slime running down the walls and bannister; strange smells; black stains on the toilets that could not be removed and numerous other unexplained activity.

Kathy, the mother, was touched by unseen forces (sometimes causing her to pass out).  As time went on, George woke one day to find his wife looked like a 90 year old woman.  At one point she was levitating above the bed.

George would suffer constant, extreme chills and spend a great deal of time by the fireplace.  It was said that one time he was awakened to the sound of a marching band in the living room but when he went down to investigate, no one was there.  The music had stopped and all the furniture was on one side of the room.

Anson wrote that the Lutz’s 5 year old daughter, Missy, developed an imaginary friend named Jody, a pig-like creature with glowing red eyes that appeared to others as well.  Sometimes it was small and other times as big as the house.

In addition to the haunts, they reportedly experienced extreme damage to the house.

Was it All True

Butch DeFeo, the son who was accused of killing his family did not believe the stories that were being told about his former home.  He claimed that his defense lawyer, William Weber contrived the tale with George Lutz during the murder trial to make money.

According to Website, “The Amityville Murders,”  In the September 17, 1979 issue of People magazine, Weber charged, “I know this book’s a hoax. We created this horror story over many bottles of wine.”

In 2001, Butch’s wife, Geraldine DeFeo had records unsealed from a previous lawsuit between Lutz and Weber.  The documents revealed a statement by the Catholic Priest who blessed the house who stated under oath that the events that were recorded by Jay Anson were all concocted.  (For more information on this, read the following site, http://www.amityvillemurders.com/lutzvweber.html.)

Fox News in Los Angeles ran the following news clip with a reveal from the Lutz’s son, Danny who is now grown.  He is claiming that all the stories are real.  Listen to what he has to say.

Real-ife “Amityville Horror” – Boy Who Lived In House Breaks His Silence – Megyn Kelly

Ed (now deceased) and Lorraine Warren, the psychic team who were the founders of The New England Society of Psychic Research, the oldest psychic group in New England, were the first investigators to be called in to the home and they have a very fascinating story to tell.

There are good points made by conspiracy theorists and many others say there is truth behind the stories.  I could not find any short video clips that held creepy evidence.

This is another legend that has yet to be proven/disproven. The legend states that a devil worshiper named John Ketcham fled Massachusetts around the time of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, and relocated to the area of the Amityville house, where he continued dabbling in Satanism.  There is a historically significant Ketcham family that lived in the area, but there is no proof that any member of that family, or any other person by that name, practiced witchcraft or satanism in the area.” – according to the FAQ site listed below.

The house went up for sale in May of 2010 for 1.15 Million and was sold for $950,000 in September the same year  The previous owners lived there for 9 years and stated that they had never experienced any paranormal activity in the home.  They loved the home but had to sell due to a divorce.