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185The Slater Mill is an old textile factory built in 1793 in Pawtucket, RI and was the first water powered cotton mill.  It is a historical landmark and museum which showcases the machines of the American Industrial Revolution.

If you were to visit this museum, you would find that it offers, exhibits, a research library, theater, gift shop, demonstrations, lectures and more.  This location can be rented out for an array of different types of events.

There is a great deal of energy in this mill and it doesn’t all come from the machinery and water wheel.  This mill is haunted.

Slater Mill employed entire families during the 1800’s.  It was not uncommon that a child of 6 or 7 might be found in employment.  These were different times.  One of the machines on display at this location was the cause of many dismemberments and deaths.  When the machine jammed, they would send the small children in to fix it because they were much smaller and could quickly and more effectively escape when it started to work suddenly.

There have been several sightings of black figures, children have been heard screaming in pain and many other instances of paranormal activity has been felt here.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below.  (You may want to use headphones if you are in public due to a child screaming.) 

Most Terrifying Places in America – Slater Mill

This location offers ghost tours at all 3 of the mills on site.  Join the Johnson twins, Carl and Keith from New England Anomolies Research and Investigation Team as they guide you on a real paranormal investigation.  For times and dates, check out the website, http://www.slatermill.org/programs/ghosttours.