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Construction of this massive vessel, later named “The Queen Mary,” began in 1930 in Clydebank, Scotland.  It’s maiden voyage began on May 27,1936, leaving from Southampton, England.

For the first 3 years it was used as a luxury liner, playing host to many high society guests such as Bob Hope, Clark Gable, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Winston Churchill.

The Ship is Transformed During WWII

For nearly 8 years the ship was used by the military for transporting troops to battle.  She was re-painted grey and all the luxury amenities were removed to accommodate its passengers for a new mission.  It was large enough to hold 16,000 troops and crew members and traveled at an impressive speed of 30 knots.

05_queenmaryIt’s Return as a Luxury Liner

The Queen Mary set sail across the Atlantic once again as a luxury liner starting on July 21, 1947 after its 10 month restoration process and continued its journey’s until it was docked at its final resting spot in Long Beach, CA, 22 plus years later on December 9, 1969.  Air travel began to be the easier and faster way to travel, causing a decrease in the need for the number of luxury ships.  She is now used as a floating hotel, an attraction and an event and wedding venue and is home to 3 world-class restaurants.

Deaths Aboard the Queen Mary

There were 49 recorded deaths aboard the Queen Mary but there have been many more spirits recorded on the ship.  Due to security reasons, records were not kept well during the war and many deaths occurred due to the extreme heat the soldiers had to endure.  A great number of soldiers also jumped ship in New York.  There was no way to tell how many survived and made it to shore.  Since the ship has been permanently docked there has been at least 1 suicide, a woman jumped over the railing to her death.

The Old Kitchen Area

Screams can be heard coming from the kitchen area, with good cause.  It has been said that there was a cook who angered the soldiers so badly during WWII for making terrible meals that they cooked him to death in his own oven.

Door #13 in Shaft Alley

John Pedder, nicknamed, “Half Hatch Harry,” is one of the most famous ghosts on the ship.  This young man was an 18-year-old fireman who was crushed by door #13 during a drill in 1966.  There are several of scenarios speculated to why he would have been crushed by the door that took a full 60 seconds to close, but none of the theories can be backed by documented proof.  He is said to still be roaming the ship and is recognizable by his 1960’s crewman attire.  He is very popular with visitors as a great number of people have reported an encounter with him.  They have even reported to have found grease in hand print form from unseen hands and to have had their clothing or purses tugged on.

Room B-474, Archives, 2nd Class Pool and Cargo Area

Poor Dana.  She and her entire family were murdered by her father.  Her two sisters and mother were found in room B-474, strangled on the beds and Dana and her father died of gun shot wounds in the bathroom.  Dana likes to play in the archives and cargo area.  She has also been said to have been found possibly near the second class pool, calling for her mother.

Room #340

A staff member was murdered in this room and they no longer rent it out to guests.  The activity became too disturbing to guests so they leave the ghost of the victim alone.  Before closing off the room, things would fly across the room, sheets were thrown off the bed and faucets would turn on an off by themselves.

The Boiler Area

John Henry once worked in the boiler room.  His remains were found just outside this area.  His apparition has been seen in the boiler and green room area.

The boiler area is also frequented by “Grumpy,” Dana and another spirit, Cary.

The First Class Pool Area & Second Class Pool Area (Now the Royal Theater)

The pool areas seem to be a great place for the spirits to converge.  They hold a great deal of activity. May spirits like to frolic, play and cause a great deal of commotion in these areas.  If you visit, keep your senses alert for an encounter with the following spirits there, Jackie, Sarah, a woman in a bathing suit, “Grumpy,” Jeremy, Jack and Terrance.

Jacqueline Torin, “Jackie” was about 5 or 6 when she drowned in the second class pool, which is now the site of the Royal Theater.  She haunts that area and the first class pool area.  She is a very playful and strong spirit.  She calls for both of her parents, sings, dances and even answers questions audibly.  She has a friend with her who protects her.  Her name is Sarah and she is a little older, about 6-8.  Sarah drowned in the pool as well in the year 1949.  She is a little more aggressive in spirit.

A young boy called Jeremy has been heard by one of the paranormal investigators, playing with Jackie.  He can be heard giggling, laughing and speaking.

A woman in a bathing suit also frequents the pool area on both the upper and lower decks.  She looks to be in her late 20’s or early 30’s and wears a bathing suit consistent with the 1930’s time period.  Perhaps it is her who is leaving phantom wet footprints and unexplainable puddles on the pool deck.

There is an angry spirit lurking in this area as well.  He has been heard growling at people.  His real identity is unknown.  He also wanders to the boiler room and the halls leading to the pool area.  He was nicknamed, “Grumpy,” by one of the paranormal investigators.

Jack and Terrance are usually together in the 1st class pool area.  They like to tug on clothing and have been heard saying their names.  These two WWII soldiers may stick together because they may have passed together.

David and Sarah are looking for their children and have made contact with one investigator by the name of Robert Wlodarski through a seance.  They will answer questions if addressed by name and usually travel together.

Lobby Area

The author of “Queen Mary Shadows,” where I found a great portion of the information on the spirits who haunt the Queen Mary, states that her and her daughter both, at the same time, saw a man they call, ” Fedora Dude.”  He was seen in the lobby area and took off down a hallway.  He was a very tall, creepy man with yellow teeth, wearing what she describes as a “zoot suit” and yellow Fedora.

You may also have an encounter with the Lady in the white evening gown here.

The Queen’s Salon

The Queen’s Salon is also frequented by the lady in a white evening gown, who has been seen dancing to music that cannot be detected by the human ear.  She also heads over to the main lobby to be closer to the piano.

Captain’s Cabin, Promenade and the Main Deck

One of the ships officers, William E. Stark, was an entertainer.  He was waiting for other officers to arrive and decided to have a drink.  There was no Gin in the Gin bottle he grabbed.  It was actually filled with cleaning fluid.  Stark did not realize its contents until it was much too late.  He became very ill over the 4 days that followed and died on the ship.  He frequents the Captain’s cabin on the main deck as well as the Promenade.  If you happen to hear choking noises whilst aboard, only to turn and no one is there, you would not be alone.

Daniel is about 5 or 6 and he too has been seen in the Promenade area looking for his parents.  He is a wanderer though and has also been seen near the stairway near the shops, and observation bar.  He is dressed in blue Edwardian clothing and has been nicknamed, “The Blue Boy,” because of it.

Sir Winston’s Bar Area

“The Dude,” has been nicknamed as such because of the way he looks.  He is impeccably dressed in this top hat and tails and has his hair slicked back.  He is known for sneaking up behind unsuspecting patrons in Sir Winston’s bar area.  He clears his throat while standing behind the living to get their attention.  Once he has accomplished this, he disappears through a wall into the men’s room.

The Ship’s Nursery

This area is still home to very old toys and trinkets.  Children can be heard crying and playing here as if they never aged.

The WWII Curacoa Ship Disaster

On October 2, 1942 the Queen Mary was doing an evasive measure, zig-zagging in front of the HMS Curacoa, colliding and butter her in half.  The ship sank in 6 minutes killing all 300 crew members. This damaged the bow of the Queen Mary where screams, rushing water and sounds of ripping metal can be heard.  It is uncertain if any of the 300 who drowned in this disaster have boarded the Queen Mary in spirit.

Paranormal Evidence

There is a great deal of evidence online to support the fact that the Queen Mary is haunted.  Once you board the ship, your fully charged phone or camcorders may drain, orbs may taunt you by dancing in front of you, and you may come across any of the above spirits listed or many others.

In the video below (Source #2), you will notice that a tour guide, interviewer and camera person walked in on an entity communicating by turning a light off and on.

In another YouTube video (Source #1), a mother and daughters are staying in a newly refurbished room on the ship that had not been occupied in many years.  They capture several orbs on tape as well as mysterious phone activity and draining batteries.

Ghost Encounters (Source #3) captured some strange, loud noises on camera.  Noises that one employee from the ship states she has never heard before and she is quite familiar with all the sounds in that area of the ship.  They also caught an intelligent response, possibly from “Jackie,” when they proclaimed they had to leave.

For additional videos and resource information, paste the URLs below in a new tab.


If you are thinking of heading there for a one-of-a-kind ghost encounter of your own, you can take one of the many tours they offer, including, The Ghosts and Legend Tour, a Haunted Encounters Tour or a Self Guided Tour.  If that doesn’t sound quite what you are looking for, you can choose one of the night tours, all geared toward seeking the existence of the paranormal.  There is even one tour that lends you tools of the trade to assist you in capturing your own ghostly evidence.  For more information on all the tours they offer, you can check out their website, http://www.QueenMary.com.  In all fairness, expect an extra guest or two to join you on your tour group!

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