My First Tarot Reading – Part 2 – Reasons Behind My Own Paranormal Activity


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This is part 2 of my amazing Tarot reading by Robin Mortola from Enchanted at Salem, MA’s Pickering Wharf.

For the first portion of the reading, right click this link and pull it up in a new tab or window: My First Tarot Reading – Part 1 – My Purpose in Life.  In this portion, I will share with you what I learned about the paranormal activity I’ve had surrounding me since I was 14.

Robyn paused for a moment and closed her eyes, holding her hands over the Tarot cards.

She told me, before I could offer the information, that I had three children.  I remember when I was young that my mother had a reading but I can’t remember if it was a palm reading or tarot reading.  When she returned she shared all the details with me.  Several predictions came true not long after.  I held onto the information that was the most important to me at the time.  The reader had told her I would have three children, two boys and a girl.  I was young, probably between 13-16.  I can’t quite recall but I do know it was before I had found the love of my life.

As time went on I got married and had my first child, a son.  When I became pregnant a year later, I recalled the information my mother had given me and wondered if this child was my boy or girl.  After two months, I miscarried.  Two months later I was pregnant with my second son.  I never had other children.  In my mind, the baby I had lost was my daughter.  I was always very close to my mother and wanted that kind of relationship with a daughter.  I felt for a long time that there was something missing.

I was relieved to hear that she too saw 3 children.  Every palm reading I had I was told the same.  There were so many times when I felt her presence with me.  I have felt knees or feet pushing on the back of my seat when no one was behind me in the car.  Doors in my house have jiggling handles and they open and close with no cross wind.  We hear footsteps in the hall; even my son’s girlfriend, Nichole has seen what she describes as shadow people near the stairs in the hallway.  The dog even stares at the stairwell and the landing intently with his ears at attention.  (He doesn’t bark though.)  We have even gotten tapped on the shoulder and heard voices when we were in a hotel room at Disney World.

There was an instance recently where I was in the living room and my son’s friend was in the kitchen and we both asked each other “What?” at the same time.  We had heard a female voice coming from the area between the two rooms.  No one else was downstairs.

The night before the reading I walked past the television and out of the room to talk to my husband in his office.  After about a minute into our conversation, the TV turned on.

Having had experiences since I was about 13 or 14, as described in another post of mine, Where The Ghosts Live, I have gotten used to the noises and activity.  Knowing that my husband and I were headed to a psychic fair (don’t think I’m losing my mind when I say this, but,) just before we left the house, I spoke out loud, “If there is someone here and you want to make yourself known, tonight would be the night.  You have always been welcome around me and will continue to be but I would love to know who your are.

As the reading continued, she shared some very wonderful information.

When Robyn touched on me having 3 children, I was not expecting what was to come.  It was as if she was communicating with her directly.  She told me that I was further along than I thought, close to my third month when I lost her.  There was a reason she wasn’t born.  She didn’t offer what the reason was and because she didn’t offer, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know so I didn’t ask.

She asked if I wanted to know if the baby was a boy or girl.  I told her that I thought I already knew.  She confirmed that she was a girl without any information from me.  “She is OK,” she said.  “She is around your oldest son more than she is around you.  She is around all the time but she really has a strong connection with him.”

Without prior knowledge of the above instances that had been happening at home, after a long meditative pause Robyn said, “She can actually manifest pretty well.  So if you are seeing things in your house, that’s her.”  So I had to ask, “Is there any way to ask if she turned the television on last night?”  “Oh, she does more than that.  She turns on televisions and she likes to annoy the girlfriend.  She moves her stuff.”  When I inquired if she liked Nichole, she said, “She comes across as a jokester.  She’s just being playful.  She’s saying, ‘I like to play with her.'”  I didn’t catch her say that during the reading but I had recorded it and realized when I played it back.  I wish I would have asked if she was there actually talking to Robyn.

She went on to say, “When you’re having a really bad day, that’s when you’re going to feel her.  She’s the one who makes you laugh out of nowhere.  That’s the energy she has, a really good energy.”  Then she reiterated the attachment with Dan and that she likes to hide his girlfriend’s stuff.

After the reading I sent a text to Nichole.  “Do you ever find that your things are not where you left them when you are at our house?”  To which she replied, “Yessssssss!!”  “Seriously.  I will put a shirt in the top portion of my bag and when I go to get it, it’s all the way at the bottom.  Why?”  When I told her she was a little freaked out but comforted by the fact that what she had seen and what was going on was all done out of fun and that she wasn’t going crazy or in any danger.

After a brief pause she recalled how she had come into the house the other night and the lotion in her bag knocked into the staircase railing and hit the wood floor.  We both heard it hit.  She stood there for at least a minute and a half looking for it before realizing it was 3 or 4 steps up the staircase on the rug.  She pointed out that we had both heard it hit the floor.  I guess it may not be fair, but I feel that my daughter is going to start getting blamed every time something gets misplaced, even if it wasn’t her doing.  This lightheartedness puts me at ease.

My Grandfather

1013357_10151705492388456_421094573_nWe moved on to the next subject and Robyn asked if my son had a medal that belonged to a great grandfather figure on my paternal side.  I had never met my paternal grandfather’s father.  This information did fit the grandfather on my mother’s side.  She asked if he had been like a father figure to me.  Indeed he had.  My grandfather (the tallest man, in the picture on the left) spent a lot of time with me throughout my life and I was very close to him.  He lived out of state but I would spend a few weeks there every summer growing up and he visited us often here.  He would be my son’s great grandfather.  I told her that we had something of his.  She reiterated that she is seeing my son with his medal.  “I have his old coin collection,” I told her.  She said that him showing me that was just his way of saying that he is around us.

coin  1395227_10151705492328456_858279127_n 1383307_10151705492283456_1861201857_n

When I returned home, I took a look at one of the coins.  It was inside a box that I hadn’t opened in years.  ON the box was what looked like a military medal, inside the box was on of his many coins he left to me when he passed.  I intended to ask Dan if he had one of them.  He has a tendency to take things in his room and I find them much later.  Before I could speak with him, I told my younger son, Austin the story.  He has mentioned many times that he does not believe in ghosts or the afterlife.  He was shocked and said, “I think she may have meant me.  I was just looking at those coins yesterday.”  Awesome!!!

The final thing we discussed of the paranormal realm was, if “Caitlin,” (that’s what we would have named my daughter,) has been around a lot when in my adult life, then who or what was behind the activity I’ve had in my life when my grandfather was alive and before I was ever pregnant.  I’ve had paranormal apparitions and electronic manipulations since I was 14.  She said that she could tell me, even before pulling the card that it was not a ghost.  It was my spirit guide.  After she pulled the card she said, “Yes, even the card shows a spirit guide.  It is not female or male.  It has been around much longer than 14.  That’s just when you started noticing it.  When you need a maternal type of nurturing, it gives female energy and when you need someone to stick up for you and be there to give you strength it is masculine.”  How fascinating.  All this time I thought the house I grew up in was haunted.  But at the same time I couldn’t quite explain why I had experiences in every home I have lived in since then.

As I mentioned, I have never felt threatened by any of the activity that has surrounded me all these years.  I do know that it is what has always held my interest in the paranormal.  I will continue learning more as I move on with my life, but I can say that, not only have I never felt alone when I physically am , I will gain strength in knowing I am protected by my guardian angel, watched over and loved by my grandfather, who I miss dearly and loved by and cheered up by my daughter who I will one day know in another life.

I am grateful for these blessings of knowledge.  I thank Edwin and Lillian, owners of the Haunted Victorian in Gardner and Spirit Sleepers Investigators for holding the psychic fair at the Mansion on the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse and I am grateful to Rev. Robyn Mortola for the amazing reading and the soothing energy she brought to it.  If you wish to contact her for a reading in Salem, MA, contact the Enchanted Shop at 978-745-2856 for an appointment.

If you would like to see the image of what I see as the ghost of a young woman in the mirror in a photo I took from my phone that nigh at the S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion, click on this link to my previous blog: My Experiences – S. K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion – Part 5.

I hope you will share and like this blog if you’ve enjoyed it.  There is so much more to come – all things paranormal.  Stay a while, browse through some of the articles here.  I’m sure you will be fascinated.

Missy Bell

My First Tarot Reading – Part 1 – My Purpose in Life


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My husband, one of my best friends and two of her children went to visit the S. K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion on Friday, October 18, 2013 during the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the mansion, located in Gardner, MA, it IS haunted.  There have been more than 7 confirmed deaths in the house.  With the amount of paranormal experiences and findings that have occurred, it has been a well sought out location for paranormal investigators across the country and has been the subject of many famous TV shows and popular books.  (See the links below for further information on the mansion.)

On Friday, the Spirit Sleepers Paranormal Investigators team was there hosting a psychic fair with several Rev. Witches from Salem available to perform Tarot and Palm readings, divination seminars, fork bending and table tipping.  My goal was to enjoy the tour with my group and have my palm read.  After the tour the line for palm reading was too long but there was an opening for a Tarot reading.  They have always fascinated me but I was afraid to have a reading because I thought I would be told something negative about my future and I understand how manifestation works and didn’t want to attract something like that into my life.

I didn’t want to leave without participating in something so I decided to take a deep breath and give it a try.  Robyn was my reader and she immediately put me at ease.  She assured me that no one should ever give a negative reading and if they started to, that I should get up and walk out.

You may find through my blogs, if you don’t already know me, I’m an open book so I have no problem sharing with you the results of my readings (I also had a palm reading and my husband had a tarot reading from a different person.  I recorded all of it so I could reflect on it and also bring you the results.  That’s how I’ll be able to quote some things that were said.)  This will be broken down over several posts due to the lengthy content.

I was given several gifts during the reading and I do not regret in at all.  The fist thing Robyn picked up on will be today’s subject.  She asked if I was aware of what an Empath was.  (This is how I have labeled myself for many years.)  She said that I’m not quite an Empath but similar.  Instead of taking on people’s emotions, I take on their energy.  She explained that I need to learn how to ground it but that I will never be able to stop taking it in.  The ability to do so is why I’m here.  She explained that when I walk through a mall that I actually take on the energy of others, which explains why my mood changes in crowds.  If someone is carrying negativity I actually take it on.

Robyn went on to say that the best way to learn to release that energy is to meditate and practice breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth which draws in the good energy and puts the bad energy back out.  She stated, “It’s actually not a bad thing that you do it, it’s actually the reason you are here.  Because there are very few people who would still be able to walk or even function (if they had the ability or had to carry that energy.)”

In crowds it’s not that I just feel the energy, I take it on.  It’s one of the reason’s I have trouble sleeping.  She explained that what I would consider “the thoughts churning in my head,” are the energies that I collected throughout the day from others.

I asked, “What can I do with this.  How can I use this in a positive way to help others if it is the reason I’m here,” to which she replied, “That’s what you’re doing.  You’re actually taking it so they don’t have to deal with it.”

Another scenario in which this affects me is in communication with my children.  She pointed out that when I have moments when I snap, it is not because of that person, it is because I drew in that energy.  She states that it’s not my personality to snap.  This has become an issue over the years with my oldest son and I.  The arguments can get pretty intense.  So I asked, “Is there any way to tell if my son is the same way?”  After meditating for a moment over the cards she said that he is a little different, he is actually an Empath.  He draws in emotions from other people and suggested that I take some time to teach him how to deal with this.

I will be doing much more research on both abilities.

It’s amazing to be able to understand why I feel the way I do in crowds, why I can’t sleep and why I get depressed some days and cannot explain it.  I’m sure this will help my son and I better understand each other and be able to improve our relationship as well as help him understand why he gets emotional quickly.  This may be why he was diagnosed with ADHD.  Perhaps it was due to him picking up on the other children’s emotions and not being able to understand how to get rid of them.

What a gift to know why I’m here and how to continue helping other people.

This has given us a great deal to think about.  This is only part one of my reading.  She goes on to explain 3 of the reasons why I have had paranormal activity surrounding me throughout my lifetime, what she sees for my youngest son, and bits of my future.  Please follow this blog for more.

For further information on the mansion we visited, here are the links to the history of the home and the people who lived there, my experiences in the home and experiences of others, including past and present owners as well as video evidence found by professional investigators:

Also visit my other site, The Peace And Happiness Project ~ Missy Bell.

My Experiences – S. K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion – Part 5


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1381465_10151702152093456_593439603_n - CopyTake my hand as we venture on a journey through a certified haunted mansion.  I will guide you through my experiences, explain how I felt and share with you some pictures of the inside of the home that will take you back in time to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

I had the opportunity to speak with Edwin who is a very kind and gentle man.  He and Lillian are very attached to the mansion but due to circumstances that were out of their control, they had to leave their home.

The caretakers, Tina and Marion are equally fantastic and personable people.  One conversation with any of them and you feel as if you’ve known them forever.  The house holds amazing charm and character.  I would recommend a visit if you ever get the chance.

1390781_10151702151988456_555292548_nYou will immediately fall in love with the beautiful charm of this house.  The wood around the doors is original to the home and is spectacular.  The fireplaces are original to the home and only burn coal.

Lillian has a magnificent eye for decorating and the main floor and bedrooms are beautifully decorated with art and furniture that would have you question if it belonged to S. K. Pierce himself.

The safe, pictured below belonged to Sylvester’s wife, Ellen.

1376352_10151702152683456_72051605_n - Copy 249103_10151702152543456_1225517419_n - Copy999782_10151702152983456_125432318_n    1374366_10151702151828456_789817483_n1383104_10151702152778456_1150737424_n - Copy 1385773_10151702152493456_1155746914_n

3422_10151702151283456_122910843_n - CopyIf you look closely, you may even see some of Jay Stemmerman’s, a former occupant of the 60’s, art that was left behind.

Our first tour of the inside was on Friday, October 18th during the Blood moon/Lunar eclipse.  Spirit Sleepers Investigators was on site with an amazing team of Tarot and Palm Readers from Salem, MA.  I will go further into detail about my Tarot and palm readings here, in a different post starting tomorrow.

1374947_10151702151533456_134244336_nI will tell you though, that on this night, they had a table tipping ceremony that was unbelievable.  My husband and friends were very hungry by 8:40 when the first of two sessions started and were eager to eat.  We journeyed across the street to get some pizza and discuss the evening.  Guests and Reverends came over to use the restroom and were raving about what we had missed.  Someone showed us a short video of the table jumping like crazy and told us it could be heard from two floors down on the first floor.  Several of the residing spirits had communicated loud and clear.  There is a personal account from one of the people who was sitting in on the session that can be viewed by going to their Facebook page, “Haunted Victorian Mansion” and viewing October 19th’s posts.  Several people who had come over also testified that the table started jumping immediately and several spirits came through.

On this first trip I was joined by my husband, one of best friends, her adult son and younger daughter.  We all had separate experiences.  There was always quite a bit of chatter and activity from the living so I would have to say that if there was more activity than what I mention, it could have been easily overlooked.  The group I was with had several experiences in addition to mine.

I had a jacket on that left my arms exposed from the elbow down.  As were ascending the staircase from the first floor foyer to the second floor. I felt a buzz of static electricity pass me going in the opposite direction.  I could feel it on my face and arms especially and it sent a chill down my spine.

When we were in the room that was one used as a brothel, where several women had been lost their lives, I could feel a mild pressure on my chest.  It was explained that many women have felt ill in this room and some have had to leave the room in order to feel better.

I took a great number of pictures both days, hoping to capture an orb or something fascinating.  When I took a picture of a mirror while in the dark, as the flash went off I jumped as did the man standing behind me because we thought we saw something.  When I got home and looked at the pictures, I was shocked at what I thought I saw in the mirror.  I see a young woman bent over with her face close to the mirror.  Her arm looks bent up toward her chest as if she saying “come here.”  She was not part of the tour and the image looks translucent.  This photo was taken with an iPhone 4S in the dark, with flash.  The only editing that was done was cropping to bring the inside of the mirror closer, and the drawing you see where I outlined the girl.  What do you see?

1391466_10151702152288456_1397926055_n - Copy1383845_10151702200183456_769926872_n

1383463_10151702152398456_1627083162_nWe were even allowed to climb the spiral stairwell to the widow’s peak and get a look out of the window, four stories up.  I took great pleasure in snapping a few picture of the cars across the street that were waiting to turn.  I could only imagine the stories they told about a flashing light coming from the fourth story window of the scary haunted Victorian.

During both trips I felt very disoriented, but more so on the second.  I am very good with directions and don’t get turned around easily but the entire time inside the mansion I was unsure of where I was within the house.  I’ve been through twice and could not tell you the layout.  On the second trip, a different friend brought her friend with her.  The two of us were somewhat disoriented for about 45 minutes after we left.

The second tour was two days later (tonight, Sunday, October 20th) with all proceeds going toward the Relay for Life.  I was so pleased to see how successful it was.  We arrived at 4:30 and were standing in line waiting for a tour.  When we left, the line was out the door and to the end of the street.

I felt more during the second visit.  I felt dizzy in two different rooms, heaviness in my chest in another and toward the end of the tour, the center of my stomach was upset.  I felt something tickle my face on the first floor during Edwin’s introduction on the first floor.

There is a room in the basement, described as a hotbed of activity, where they have chairs set up for investigators so I decided to take a seat.  As I sat there, the right arm of the chair started to vibrate, the right side of my body became very cold and I felt something touch my face for a second time.

My phone was acting strangely during both tours.  I can’t even tell you what it was doing the first night.  It kept showing me a screen of mini pictures when I was trying to snap a shot.  I’ve looked at the phone since to try to figure out what I may have touched to make it do that and I cannot figure it out.  Tonight, the flash wasn’t working but was clearly on.  Some of the pictures came out blurry as if the lens was dirty and a couple others were very dark.  There are several pictures I took that are not even in the album when I tried to find them, one of them being in the basement room that I spoke of above and one of the staircase from the third floor looking down to the second floor landing.  I’m not sure how many others are missing.

1378883_10151702150293456_1247079732_n - CopyOne of the rooms had an old photo album that Lillian had purchased and did not belong to the Pierce Family.  As I was looking through it with my friend, Rebecca, I started to feel dizzy and nauseous.

For additional history and videos of evidence that was captured here by investigative teams, read the other pieces I have written about this location:

  1. S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion – Part 1
  2. S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion – Part 2
  3. S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion – Part 3
  4. S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion – Part 4
  5. An Overview of Our Haunted Victorian Mansion Visit (During the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse

Again, I urge, if you have the chance to visit, I highly recommend that you jump at the chance.  It is an experience you will not soon forget.  I know I am grateful to have had the opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this today.  I hope you will return for many more upcoming posts as well as the ones that have already been written.  Please take a moment to share, follow or “like” this page.

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An Overview of Our Haunted Victorian Mansion Visit


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1385896_10151700260518456_185130502_nLast night was amazing!  What better thing to do on a creepy October night with a full moon and an eclipse than to visit a haunted mansion?

My husband and I were accompanied by one of my best friends and two of her children while we visited a certified haunted location last night.  I have written a great deal about the S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion on this blog site and I have been pulled toward the location many times.  Tonight was my first look inside.

I must say that the Spirit Sleepers Paranormal Investigators Psychic Faire was a life-changing event in so many ways, to say the least.  I don’t want to share too much in this post, instead just give you an overview of what you can expect to see here over the next week on this blog site.

I hope to return tomorrow night to the Victorian.  They are hosting a Flash Light Tour fundraising event for The Relay For Life and I’d like to support it.  That’s the only reason I am not posting yet about my experiences.  I am sure I will have more tomorrow if I go and I want to wait to post it all together.

Let me just give you a closer look into what I’ll be bringing you over the next few days:

  • A walk through of the experiences of the paranormal activity my group and I had during the tour of the Haunted Victorian.
  • A few pictures of the inside of the Victorian. The furniture and woodworking in the house are incredible.
  • YES!  I think I captured a spirit when taking a picture of a mirror in the dark.  I will share it for your opinion.
  • My life-altering, first ever Tarot reading by a sweet, lovely and talented Witch from Salem.  (This you won’t want to miss.  I caught the entire session on audio tape so I can review and report it accurately, which I have not listened to yet.  And yes, I’m an open book so I don’t mind sharing.)  Some of the subjects she touched on that I will share are, “My Purpose,” “The Several Reasons For My Paranormal Experiences Since I was 13,” “A Few Things About My Children,” “How this information affected me” and a few other topics.
  • Info about my palm reading that I recorded.
  • Results from my husband’s first ever Tarot reading, also caught on tape, including information on “Upcoming Winter Weather,” “Finances,” “His Special Gift,” “The Light of His Life,” “Work Issues,” “A Prediction” and many other things.
  • I will also share with you experiences that my best friend and her children had while they were there, if they don’t mind.  (Fascinating.)

None of us left the mansion without an experience.  I can’t wait to share it all!  Follow this blog if you’d like to hear more.

If you would like to visit the mansion tomorrow night on 4 West Broadway on Gardner and bring your flashlight between 4-8 for a $10 tour.  All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Thank you for stopping by today!  Also check out my other blog, The Peace And Happiness Project ~ Missy Bell.


Paranormal Flashlight Sessions


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What is a flashlight investigation?  How are they used to contact the paranormal?  Is this method accurate in determining if spirits are present and actually trying to answer questions?

I wanted to show you a few flashlight investigations.  Watch as many or as few as you would like then catch up with me at the bottom.

Midwest Paranormal Investigators – Flashlight Pushed Off the Table (4 Minutes 37 seconds.)

N.i.g.h.t.s. Paranormal Investigations video – Flashlight Session: Nights Paranormal Investigations.  I have a hard time NOT believing this is true.  They used a second medium, a camcorder, that caught an orb float to the flashlight and away.  The interesting part is that they don’t mention it. (3 minutes, 40 seconds.)

Colorado Para Tech goes into great detail here to explain the inner workings of an ordinary flashlight that they used to use during their investigations.  They will be debunking a great bit of their past findings due to the inaccuracy of the ones they were using.  Click the link if you wish to see this 18 minute video. They have  created a new type of flashlight that they will show in this video to be more effective than the standard flashlight.

My thought process is this… If several pieces of equipment are in use at the same time and they are in conjunction with there being a spirit in the room, wouldn’t this be more convincing?  I would think there would need to be more than one piece of evidence to prove beyond a doubt there was something there.  I would think the temperature readings, video, photography, and other instruments could be used to back up the flashlight’s evidence.

I wouldn’t take the flashlight alone as sole evidence but the videos are fascinating!

Share your comments below and head to the category section for more posts on the paranormal including paranormal hot spots:

Missy Bell

Does the Full Moon Increase Paranormal Activity


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Day before full moonIs it folklore or truth that the full moon increases the height of paranormal activity during it’s reign?  Is there a better time to visit a reportedly haunted location?  Should you hold your breath when passing a cemetery during a full moon?

OK, the “holding your breath” question was just a joke but I was curious as to what a search would reveal on the others.

(Let me just say that this photo was taken by me tonight, the night before the full moon from Massachusetts.  It was from an iPhone 4S camera and the only photo editing I did was to enhance to HD and slight color enhancement.  This was the actual shape of the clouds.  I did not see this with my naked eye.  Creepy!)

Friday, October 18 is a Full Moon.  This moon is also called Travel Moon and the Dying Grass Moon, The Hunter’s Moon and the Blood Moon.

The different names date back to Ancient Indian Tribes.  They are centered around what took place during the October Moon.  They would hunt by the moon to gather food for the upcoming winter, gaining the name, the Hunter’s Moon; Travel Moon was given because the animals would travel great distances during this full moon to gather food; the Dying Moon due to the leaves and grass dying as the seasons changed; and the Blood Moon, because of the hunting and killing that occurred during this time.

This moon (on October 18, 2013,) also carries with it an eclipse that will only darken the moon slightly but can be seen from the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia.

I have heard numerous reports that paranormal activity is increased during the full moon.  Since I am planning on going on my first tour of a certified haunted location, I wanted to know if this was true.  I expected all the sites I read to confirm this.

I did a search to see what the consensus was on this question.  Several websites will argue that the best time for paranormal activity is during the new moon (the next new moon will be November 3, 2013,) while others state the moon has no affect on humans, let alone the after-life.

The latter, I do not believe (as far as humans are concerned).  I have worked in customer service for almost all of my life and I can tell by the way the customers behave that the full moon does indeed affect us.

According to the Malaysian Ghost Research Journal, “The International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) teaches that during the full moon, new moon and two or three days on either side of the full and new moon, during the geomagnetic storm and during the electrical storm, are the best times for ghost hunting and claimed to work all over the world. Furthermore, the dark witches in ancient beliefs system also has given their credits to the  full moon phase to be the best time to summon spirits.”

Yet, according to Rosemary Ellen Guiley who has written 50 books on the subjects of the paranormal, spiritual and metaphysical and has been a full time paranormal researcher since 1983, “The full moon actually produces geophysical effects that may indeed dampen paranormal activity. The earth expands 1/16 of an inch during the full moon’s gravitational pull. The expansion is caused by the movement of magma chambers below the earth’s surface. These movements affect the earth’s magnetic fields. Many paranormal hot spots are in areas of negative magnetic anomalies. Thus, an increase in magnetic fields is likely to have an adverse impact on paranormal activity.”

Another site suggests that perhaps it is the light the moon provides paired with the way our bodies are affected that is attributed to the yield of higher paranormal evidence during a full moon.

I really could not draw a solid conclusion on this and I will not be able to confirm nor deny any of the information based on what I personally experience tomorrow because I have nothing to compare it to.  I would have to conclude that it depends on the location, the investigators, weather, and the energy levels in each location.

I will leave this question unanswered and perhaps will return to it at a later time to do more research.  Do keep in mind however, paranormal investigators are finding valuable evidence on a daily basis across the world, without the moon playing a factor.  So, if you are going to plan a trip to a haunted location, don’t wait, go when it’s convenient for you, relax but bring your energy, be open to all possibilities and enjoy your stay.


Paranormal Investigations


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1186159_10151672956478456_1158944597_nMany people have expressed interest in going on investigations.  I have had such a great time learning the history of the places I have researched that I would love to go on a few as well, tag along with some professionals.  I also have a fascination as to why ghosts manifest themselves and stay in contact with the living.  I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same after I pass, and I’m sure, for each spirit it is for a different reason, but to know would be such so amazing.

I cannot see too far ahead of me on this path, if it leads anywhere or is a dead end.  For now, I am exploring what fascinates me, what has always fascinated me.

In my search for knowledge I came across a few sites that seem to be quite informative about questions I have about the paranormal.  Over the next few weeks next few weeks I’ll give a quick review of what they are about and list them for your reference, trying to keep each post focused on a specific area. If you decide you are interested in learning more, check them out.  (I will be adding these in here and there, mixed in with the research-style articles that I have been posting.

Keep in mind, I am new to this and I am just researching.  If there are people out there who have knowledge that they would like to share, I encourage it.  The one thing I ask is, that you keep negativity out of it.  (No bashing investigators, site operators, or sites themselves.  I find that completely unprofessional, no matter what the circumstances are.  I am doing this for the pure fascination of the paranormal and to perhaps figure out why I have had unexplained activity surrounding me since I was 13.)

If you have a site that focuses on the paranormal that you’d like me to mention in the future, or a location you have interest in learning more about, I’d be happy to research it online and bring you as in depth of a history as I can.

I am only as accurate as the information provided.  I am not psychic, well, if I am, my skills are not developed enough to discern truth from fiction in videos or written evidence, nor can I discern if someone has doctored a video or created a myth.

Always keep in mind that people will argue or try to find something misleading in any evidence that they did not see, hear, touch or smell for themselves in real time.  It’s human nature.  That being said, I do not always believe what I see or read, what I want is for you to form your own opinion or investigate for yourself.  That’s the excitement of it.

Here are some of the questions I have that I am looking to find the answers and webpages for so I can be more armed with knowledge about the field since my only current ideas come from television shows and what is on the web:

  1. What types of equipment are available to investigators and how do they work?
  2. What are all the ways a spirit or entity manifests?
  3. What types of entities are there and how can you tell the difference between spirits that are good and those who mean to do harm?
  4. What type of findings are the most accurate and why?
  5. Is there a time when the activity seems to be more active?
  6. What are the theories behind why spirits follow people or attach themselves to the living?
  7. What part does a Medium play in the role of an investigation and what are ways they gather knowledge and information.
  8. What are some places that are said to be very haunted that I would like to visit one day?  (These will be locations I will be researching the history of and posting about in the future.)

I look forward to the journey and challenge as always.

If there are questions you have or if you are interested in reading the findings of anything above, let me know in the comments.

Also, if you are an investigator and would like to share, I would love to hear from you.  How did you get started? What steps did you take?

I am looking forward to going to a psychic fair at the S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner and I am hoping to have my own encounter with the afterlife.  I’ll let you know…

Thank you for stopping by.  As always, I truly appreciate it.  For posts on paranormal locations, see the side bar on the left.   That is also where you can follow this blog.  (Scroll to the bottom of the post to share.)  I hope you will follow this or my other blog, The Peace and Happiness Project where I offer up inspiration, tips and tools on how to reduce stress and increase happiness and a few posts on what makes me happy and brings me peace.

Have an amazing day!

Missy Bell

The Stanley Hotel – One of the Most Haunted Hotels in the Country


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F220px-Driving_to_top_of_Mt_Washington_1899. (Feelan) O. Stanley and his twin brother, Francis sold their photo plate business to Eastman Kodak to venture into the auto industry.  The inventors of the Stanley Steamer Automobile produced their first car in 1897.  They were the first to drive a car to the top of the 7.6 mile Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

They sold this design and formed the Stanley Motor Carriage Company in 1902.


indexFreelan suffered from TB which prompted his moved from New England to Colorado where he built his pride and joy, The Stanley Hotel, deep in the Rocky Mountains off Steamer Drive in Estes Park, Colorado in 1909, 9 years before selling off his automobile company.  He was also responsible for establishing the Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park Fairgrounds and Stanley Park.  He perished of a heart attack in 1940 and is buried at a family plot in Newton, Massachusetts.  It is said that you can find him roaming the halls and the lobby of the hotel, making sure that everything is running properly and spending time with his wife.

One year prior to F.O.’s death, his wife, Flora had a stroke in the lobby of the hotel.  Having been a very accomplished piano player, it is said that she will still have a seat there in the lobby area and play a piece on the piano for her guests.  This reportedly started immediately after her death.

The hotel had to be pretty creepy in order to inspire Stephen King’s, “The Shining” after his stay in room 217 in 1973.  He had arrived just before the hotel was ready to close for the winter and, after roaming the halls and getting lost, he must have stumbled upon the ghosts of the children on the 4th floor who play in the halls.

Jim Carey was at the hotel for the filming of, “Dumb and Dumber.”  If you ever run into him, you should ask him why he packed his belongings and left the hotel without a word as to why, after spending only 2 short hours in room 217.

Hundreds of ghosts who checked in to this hotel have apparently never checked out.  The activity is so frequent that the main topic during breakfast each morning is “who experienced what the night before!”  There has been reported activity from ever room and even from the employee access tunnel under the main building.

Take a few minutes and view this video below from “The Most Terrifying Places,” to hear from the caretaker and get a quick feel of what the hotel looks like as he talks about the different paranormal guests who frequent this magnificent hotel.

Elizabeth Wilson, a housekeeper at the hotel is said to haunt room 217.  Many guests since the 1950’s have reported that they’ve received extra housekeeping in that room, such as their clothes being unpacked and put away.  You can hear more of her story in the short tour video below.

For those of you who would like a little tour of the place, press play for a guided tour with more fascinating information.

If you are short on witnesses for your marriage, you can get married here and I’m sure one of the ghosts will stand up for you.

I even checked the packages for you.  The Stanley Hotel offers a “Ghost Adventure Package,” which includes “a guaranteed 4th floor room, a K-2 meter per reservation, a glow in the dark Stanley Hotel squishy ghost per person, and one REDRUM mug per person.”  Save yourself some money and book 30 days in advance for 20% off your booking cost.

I was very excited to see that they have a “ghost laundromat!!”  That is, until I put my glasses on.  Sorry.  It’s just a “guest laundromat.”  I was going to book just so one of the ghosts would do my laundry!

Stay if you will, but remember, you may check in alone, but at this hotel, you are NEVER alone!!

If you have enjoyed this post, follow me on Facebook at Where The Ghosts Live – The Haunted United States. You can also read posts of other haunted locations by checking out the categories section in the side bar to the left.

I have another blog site that is geared toward helping people reduce stress and increase peace and happiness in your life.  I hope you will visit me there as well at The Peace and Happiness Project ~ Missy Bell.


Fonthill Castle – Mercer Museum – Doylestown, PA


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Press play on the above video for a 22 second outside view of the Fonthill Mansion in Doylestown, PA.  I have driven by this mansion countless times.  My Aunt, Uncle and cousins lived about a mile and a half away, if that, and I would visit them several times a year.  It always fascinated me.  It’s architecture is simply amazing.

The Castle, which is a mix of Medieval, Gothic and Byzantine architecture was built between 1908 – 1912 and was the home of Henry Chapman Mercer, an archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramist, scholar and antiquarian.  He used the mansion not only as his home but as a showcase for his collections of Moravian tiles and prints.

Henry passed in 1930, leaving the entire estate to his housekeeper and her husband, Laura and Frank Swain.  Frank passed before Laura, who gave many tours throughout the time she owned the property.  Laura died in 1975 and shortly thereafter, the property was placed in the hands of the Bucks County Historical Society and it has since been a museum that showcases not only it’s amazing architecture but collections of arts and tiles from Henry Mercer.  Many tiles are a part of the architecture, mounted to the walls and ceiling.  Upon visiting, you will see upwards of over 14,000 artifacts.

If you visit, you may catch a glimpse of Laura, wanting to give the tour herself.  Her ghost has been seen wandering the halls on many occasions and by many visitors.  I have read that paranormal investigators and digital equipment are not allowed inside the walls of the museum.  Anything you wish to see will not be found online, you will have to venture out and tour the museum and Castle with your own eyes.  And if you do, say hello to Laura for me.

I have been to the Mercer Library to conduct my own ancestry research as my roots run deep in Bucks County, PA all the way back to the mid 1700’s.  My maternal grandfather’s family was sold land by William Penn’s children.  The library and castle do not reside on the same property however but there is a great deal to see within the library walls as well.  It is also worth a visit.


America’s Most Haunted Theater – The Lincoln -Decatur, IL


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The Lincoln Theater in Decatur, IL, opened October 27, 1916, built atop ancient burial grounds and the ashes of two hotels that once stood on it’s very location.

This is an amazingly beautiful theater with its high balcony, basements and sub-cellars, private seating boxes, mezzanine seating, ivory colored columns, 1346 seats and amazing acoustics.

Upon it’s opening, the theater was most used for stage shows and vaudeville acts as well as high school graduations.

Many famous people performed upon its stage such as, Bob Hope, Fighter Jack Dempsey, Magician Harry Blackstone Jr.  and some may argue that  Harry Houdini may have even put on a show there early in his career.

When motion pictures became popular, the audience demanded to see more, leading to a large decrease in stage shows.

The theater closed shortly after December of 1980, except for a few live music shows on occasion.  The theater was abandoned by 1990 and was not in use for quite some time.  It has since undergone quite an extensive restoration project that has not stopped performers from putting on a show or two.  It has been reported by many to have experienced ongoing paranormal and unexplained activity in the theater during these events.


In 1860, the site was first the home of The Priest Hotel which was bought out in 1880 and the name was changed to the New Deming.   Later in 1892 it changed hands again and was renamed The Decatur & Arcade Hotel.

Fire Decatur Arcade HotelThe building caught fire in 1904 and was rebuilt only to later, in 1915 catch fire again (see photo left) due to some oily rags near a furnace, this time, taking 2 lives that have been documented but several other guests were unaccounted for.  It is unsure if they escaped the fire as their bodies were never recovered.  Of the two men who were recovered, one, William E. Graham was an engineer and the other, C. S. Guild, a traveling salesman.

Troy Taylor, author of “Haunted Decatur,” on his web page listed below, talks about how there have been reports of haunts at this location since the 1930’s.

One legend has it that the most reported to be a stagehand named, “Red,” who’s love of the theater and performers may have him coming back to haunt the place.  One night, while working on the catwalk, some 75 feet above the stage, it is said that Red lost his footing and fell to his death.  However, after investigation, Troy states this story is inaccurate.  According to his sources, Red died in his sleep while taking a nap in the theater in 1927.

Since Red’s death, there have been reports of unexplained footsteps, whispers, strange voices, cold chills in certain areas, having been touched by someone who is not there, apparitions, theater seats raising and lowering on their own and other noises in the otherwise empty theater.

A second figure, that of a woman in a long dress has been seen in the balcony area.  Yet, others have reported to have described what they have seen and they do not match either description, leading some to believe there are several occupants.

Troy states he has had experiences himself while working alone in the theater.  He has heard footsteps climbing the steps of the stage while he was alone.

staircase Lincoln TheaterHe tells also of a performer who heard whispers while he was getting ready to go on stage and when he turned toward them, he saw a shadowy figure on the spiral staircase that he described as being male.  When the staff checked into it, there was no one there, yet there was nowhere the “man” could have escaped to.  At the time, the performer had not known of the haunted reputation of the theater.  This was the same staircase that Troy reports being followed on by one of the ghosts.

Check out this 4 minute video to see the inside of this grand theater and hear Troy’s recollection of another spiral staircase event…

There are haunted tours of Decatur taking place this month, most of which are sold out.  There are however, two dates that have availability.  The tours are inexpensive at $30 per person.  They start at the Avon theater.  The 2 open dates are November 1st and 2nd (2013.)  According to the website, Haunted Decatur, public tours are also offered April through August and mid September through early November.  Private tours are also available.  Please check the above link for prices and details.