Welcome to “Where the Ghosts Live.”  My name is Missy Bell.  I have been fascinated with the afterlife since I saw what I would describe as my first ghost experience when I was approximately 14.  Since then, I’ve had many unexplained experiences and sightings.  The desire to figure out why I have had these experiences and why ghosts choose to haunt, I started this blog.

The current house I live in has had a great deal of activity and we are the original owners.  We have seen apparitions, hear voices, footsteps, doors opening and closing, door handles jigging, etc.  Things go missing often but end up turning up in strange places.  After a tarot reading at a haunted mansion during a blood moon/lunar eclipse. I was told who is responsible.

Anything goes on this page as long as it is related to the paranormal.  I am not an investigator but the thought of it excites me.  I will cover the history of many haunted locations and include information about the paranormal evidence captured by professional investigators.  I will call suspicion to things I do not fully believe while keeping an open mind at the same time.

After having been to a haunted location, (which I cover to great extent on this site,) The S. K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion and taking a picture of a mirror in a dark room only to discover what looks to be a ghost, and armed with the information from my tarot reading, I am only more intrigued about the subject.

I am a published writer with a book currently on sale at Amazon.com which is a compilation of the poetry I have written over my lifetime.  It is called, “Heart Versus Mind: Words That Touch Your Heart.”  I am also the author of 2 blogs in addition to this one.  The one I currently keep up with is http://www.PeaceAndHappinessProject.com where I share original inspirations in hopes of helping others reduce stress and increase their peace and happiness.

I can be found on Facebook at Words That Touch Your Heart.  You can find the link on either one of my blogs.

My writings have been featured in a podcast, magazines, other websites and as a guest blogger on other blogs.  I am currently in search of freelance writing jobs.

In addition to writing, my other passion is being a DJ/MC.  I have my own mobile DJ service and entertain throughout the New England area at weddings, fundraisers and all of life’s celebrations.

Thank you again for stopping by.  I hope you will follow my works.

Missy Bell

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