The VERY Haunted HMS Queen Mary Luxury Liner – Long Beach, CA


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Construction of this massive vessel, later named “The Queen Mary,” began in 1930 in Clydebank, Scotland.  It’s maiden voyage began on May 27,1936, leaving from Southampton, England.

For the first 3 years it was used as a luxury liner, playing host to many high society guests such as Bob Hope, Clark Gable, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Winston Churchill.

The Ship is Transformed During WWII

For nearly 8 years the ship was used by the military for transporting troops to battle.  She was re-painted grey and all the luxury amenities were removed to accommodate its passengers for a new mission.  It was large enough to hold 16,000 troops and crew members and traveled at an impressive speed of 30 knots.

05_queenmaryIt’s Return as a Luxury Liner

The Queen Mary set sail across the Atlantic once again as a luxury liner starting on July 21, 1947 after its 10 month restoration process and continued its journey’s until it was docked at its final resting spot in Long Beach, CA, 22 plus years later on December 9, 1969.  Air travel began to be the easier and faster way to travel, causing a decrease in the need for the number of luxury ships.  She is now used as a floating hotel, an attraction and an event and wedding venue and is home to 3 world-class restaurants.

Deaths Aboard the Queen Mary

There were 49 recorded deaths aboard the Queen Mary but there have been many more spirits recorded on the ship.  Due to security reasons, records were not kept well during the war and many deaths occurred due to the extreme heat the soldiers had to endure.  A great number of soldiers also jumped ship in New York.  There was no way to tell how many survived and made it to shore.  Since the ship has been permanently docked there has been at least 1 suicide, a woman jumped over the railing to her death.

The Old Kitchen Area

Screams can be heard coming from the kitchen area, with good cause.  It has been said that there was a cook who angered the soldiers so badly during WWII for making terrible meals that they cooked him to death in his own oven.

Door #13 in Shaft Alley

John Pedder, nicknamed, “Half Hatch Harry,” is one of the most famous ghosts on the ship.  This young man was an 18-year-old fireman who was crushed by door #13 during a drill in 1966.  There are several of scenarios speculated to why he would have been crushed by the door that took a full 60 seconds to close, but none of the theories can be backed by documented proof.  He is said to still be roaming the ship and is recognizable by his 1960’s crewman attire.  He is very popular with visitors as a great number of people have reported an encounter with him.  They have even reported to have found grease in hand print form from unseen hands and to have had their clothing or purses tugged on.

Room B-474, Archives, 2nd Class Pool and Cargo Area

Poor Dana.  She and her entire family were murdered by her father.  Her two sisters and mother were found in room B-474, strangled on the beds and Dana and her father died of gun shot wounds in the bathroom.  Dana likes to play in the archives and cargo area.  She has also been said to have been found possibly near the second class pool, calling for her mother.

Room #340

A staff member was murdered in this room and they no longer rent it out to guests.  The activity became too disturbing to guests so they leave the ghost of the victim alone.  Before closing off the room, things would fly across the room, sheets were thrown off the bed and faucets would turn on an off by themselves.

The Boiler Area

John Henry once worked in the boiler room.  His remains were found just outside this area.  His apparition has been seen in the boiler and green room area.

The boiler area is also frequented by “Grumpy,” Dana and another spirit, Cary.

The First Class Pool Area & Second Class Pool Area (Now the Royal Theater)

The pool areas seem to be a great place for the spirits to converge.  They hold a great deal of activity. May spirits like to frolic, play and cause a great deal of commotion in these areas.  If you visit, keep your senses alert for an encounter with the following spirits there, Jackie, Sarah, a woman in a bathing suit, “Grumpy,” Jeremy, Jack and Terrance.

Jacqueline Torin, “Jackie” was about 5 or 6 when she drowned in the second class pool, which is now the site of the Royal Theater.  She haunts that area and the first class pool area.  She is a very playful and strong spirit.  She calls for both of her parents, sings, dances and even answers questions audibly.  She has a friend with her who protects her.  Her name is Sarah and she is a little older, about 6-8.  Sarah drowned in the pool as well in the year 1949.  She is a little more aggressive in spirit.

A young boy called Jeremy has been heard by one of the paranormal investigators, playing with Jackie.  He can be heard giggling, laughing and speaking.

A woman in a bathing suit also frequents the pool area on both the upper and lower decks.  She looks to be in her late 20’s or early 30’s and wears a bathing suit consistent with the 1930’s time period.  Perhaps it is her who is leaving phantom wet footprints and unexplainable puddles on the pool deck.

There is an angry spirit lurking in this area as well.  He has been heard growling at people.  His real identity is unknown.  He also wanders to the boiler room and the halls leading to the pool area.  He was nicknamed, “Grumpy,” by one of the paranormal investigators.

Jack and Terrance are usually together in the 1st class pool area.  They like to tug on clothing and have been heard saying their names.  These two WWII soldiers may stick together because they may have passed together.

David and Sarah are looking for their children and have made contact with one investigator by the name of Robert Wlodarski through a seance.  They will answer questions if addressed by name and usually travel together.

Lobby Area

The author of “Queen Mary Shadows,” where I found a great portion of the information on the spirits who haunt the Queen Mary, states that her and her daughter both, at the same time, saw a man they call, ” Fedora Dude.”  He was seen in the lobby area and took off down a hallway.  He was a very tall, creepy man with yellow teeth, wearing what she describes as a “zoot suit” and yellow Fedora.

You may also have an encounter with the Lady in the white evening gown here.

The Queen’s Salon

The Queen’s Salon is also frequented by the lady in a white evening gown, who has been seen dancing to music that cannot be detected by the human ear.  She also heads over to the main lobby to be closer to the piano.

Captain’s Cabin, Promenade and the Main Deck

One of the ships officers, William E. Stark, was an entertainer.  He was waiting for other officers to arrive and decided to have a drink.  There was no Gin in the Gin bottle he grabbed.  It was actually filled with cleaning fluid.  Stark did not realize its contents until it was much too late.  He became very ill over the 4 days that followed and died on the ship.  He frequents the Captain’s cabin on the main deck as well as the Promenade.  If you happen to hear choking noises whilst aboard, only to turn and no one is there, you would not be alone.

Daniel is about 5 or 6 and he too has been seen in the Promenade area looking for his parents.  He is a wanderer though and has also been seen near the stairway near the shops, and observation bar.  He is dressed in blue Edwardian clothing and has been nicknamed, “The Blue Boy,” because of it.

Sir Winston’s Bar Area

“The Dude,” has been nicknamed as such because of the way he looks.  He is impeccably dressed in this top hat and tails and has his hair slicked back.  He is known for sneaking up behind unsuspecting patrons in Sir Winston’s bar area.  He clears his throat while standing behind the living to get their attention.  Once he has accomplished this, he disappears through a wall into the men’s room.

The Ship’s Nursery

This area is still home to very old toys and trinkets.  Children can be heard crying and playing here as if they never aged.

The WWII Curacoa Ship Disaster

On October 2, 1942 the Queen Mary was doing an evasive measure, zig-zagging in front of the HMS Curacoa, colliding and butter her in half.  The ship sank in 6 minutes killing all 300 crew members. This damaged the bow of the Queen Mary where screams, rushing water and sounds of ripping metal can be heard.  It is uncertain if any of the 300 who drowned in this disaster have boarded the Queen Mary in spirit.

Paranormal Evidence

There is a great deal of evidence online to support the fact that the Queen Mary is haunted.  Once you board the ship, your fully charged phone or camcorders may drain, orbs may taunt you by dancing in front of you, and you may come across any of the above spirits listed or many others.

In the video below (Source #2), you will notice that a tour guide, interviewer and camera person walked in on an entity communicating by turning a light off and on.

In another YouTube video (Source #1), a mother and daughters are staying in a newly refurbished room on the ship that had not been occupied in many years.  They capture several orbs on tape as well as mysterious phone activity and draining batteries.

Ghost Encounters (Source #3) captured some strange, loud noises on camera.  Noises that one employee from the ship states she has never heard before and she is quite familiar with all the sounds in that area of the ship.  They also caught an intelligent response, possibly from “Jackie,” when they proclaimed they had to leave.

For additional videos and resource information, paste the URLs below in a new tab.


If you are thinking of heading there for a one-of-a-kind ghost encounter of your own, you can take one of the many tours they offer, including, The Ghosts and Legend Tour, a Haunted Encounters Tour or a Self Guided Tour.  If that doesn’t sound quite what you are looking for, you can choose one of the night tours, all geared toward seeking the existence of the paranormal.  There is even one tour that lends you tools of the trade to assist you in capturing your own ghostly evidence.  For more information on all the tours they offer, you can check out their website,  In all fairness, expect an extra guest or two to join you on your tour group!

Learn more about other haunted locations and read about my own ghostly adventures and experiences by checking out the side bar.

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Top Haunted Posts Chosen by Readers


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I understand, you want to read what was most popular.  What were the top choices of readers for the month of October 2013?  I’d be happy to share those with you.

Today will end the 30 (31) Day Ultimate Blog Challenge for this quarter.  As I prepared this blog site for launch the end of September 2013, I had no idea that it would be as popular as it got.  I am grateful to everyone who viewed, shared and followed it this month.  I will be continuing to create great new haunted posts but it will not be on a daily basis as it has been for the challenge.

I will be working on my books for the month of November but I will stop in and be sure to provide you with entertainment on both blogs.

I hope if you have enjoyed it that you will follow it as well as it’s Facebook page, to keep up with the new haunts.

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Slater Mill – Pawtucket, RI


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185The Slater Mill is an old textile factory built in 1793 in Pawtucket, RI and was the first water powered cotton mill.  It is a historical landmark and museum which showcases the machines of the American Industrial Revolution.

If you were to visit this museum, you would find that it offers, exhibits, a research library, theater, gift shop, demonstrations, lectures and more.  This location can be rented out for an array of different types of events.

There is a great deal of energy in this mill and it doesn’t all come from the machinery and water wheel.  This mill is haunted.

Slater Mill employed entire families during the 1800’s.  It was not uncommon that a child of 6 or 7 might be found in employment.  These were different times.  One of the machines on display at this location was the cause of many dismemberments and deaths.  When the machine jammed, they would send the small children in to fix it because they were much smaller and could quickly and more effectively escape when it started to work suddenly.

There have been several sightings of black figures, children have been heard screaming in pain and many other instances of paranormal activity has been felt here.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below.  (You may want to use headphones if you are in public due to a child screaming.) 

Most Terrifying Places in America – Slater Mill

This location offers ghost tours at all 3 of the mills on site.  Join the Johnson twins, Carl and Keith from New England Anomolies Research and Investigation Team as they guide you on a real paranormal investigation.  For times and dates, check out the website,


The Amityville House – NJ – The Controversy


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This Dutch colonial was built in 1925 on the edge of Amityville Creek.  It is said to be one of the most well document sites of paranormal activity.

One site states that the Lutz family did research at the Historical Society in town and found that it was built on an ancient burial ground where the Montaukett Tribe buried their enemies and those posesed by evil spirits. Hans Holtzer, a curator there told the Lutzes that an ancient Indian Chief was unearthed in the 1900’s near the property.  That information has either disappeared or never actually existed as there is no record of it now with the Historical Society.

The original owner of the home, John Moynahan died in the home in 1939.

The DeFeo family moved into the home in 1965.  In 1974 Ronald DeFeo Jr. was charged with the killings of his parents, two brothers and two sisters, execution style in their beds as they slept.

Jay Anson’s book, “The Amityville Horror,” was written as an account of the Lutz Family’s Sufferings.

Just 13 months after the murders, George and Kathy Lutz took over the home where the murders had taken place.  Jay Anson wrote the book, claiming the events stated within its pages were true events that the family endured during their stay in the home.

As this horror story goes, even though the home was blessed by a priest the day the family moved in, their personalities started to suffer changes.  Their children became bratty and the father would beat them.

As time went on, they started experiencing only what can be described as demonic.  There were an extreme number of flies constantly, no matter what the weather; slime running down the walls and bannister; strange smells; black stains on the toilets that could not be removed and numerous other unexplained activity.

Kathy, the mother, was touched by unseen forces (sometimes causing her to pass out).  As time went on, George woke one day to find his wife looked like a 90 year old woman.  At one point she was levitating above the bed.

George would suffer constant, extreme chills and spend a great deal of time by the fireplace.  It was said that one time he was awakened to the sound of a marching band in the living room but when he went down to investigate, no one was there.  The music had stopped and all the furniture was on one side of the room.

Anson wrote that the Lutz’s 5 year old daughter, Missy, developed an imaginary friend named Jody, a pig-like creature with glowing red eyes that appeared to others as well.  Sometimes it was small and other times as big as the house.

In addition to the haunts, they reportedly experienced extreme damage to the house.

Was it All True

Butch DeFeo, the son who was accused of killing his family did not believe the stories that were being told about his former home.  He claimed that his defense lawyer, William Weber contrived the tale with George Lutz during the murder trial to make money.

According to Website, “The Amityville Murders,”  In the September 17, 1979 issue of People magazine, Weber charged, “I know this book’s a hoax. We created this horror story over many bottles of wine.”

In 2001, Butch’s wife, Geraldine DeFeo had records unsealed from a previous lawsuit between Lutz and Weber.  The documents revealed a statement by the Catholic Priest who blessed the house who stated under oath that the events that were recorded by Jay Anson were all concocted.  (For more information on this, read the following site,

Fox News in Los Angeles ran the following news clip with a reveal from the Lutz’s son, Danny who is now grown.  He is claiming that all the stories are real.  Listen to what he has to say.

Real-ife “Amityville Horror” – Boy Who Lived In House Breaks His Silence – Megyn Kelly

Ed (now deceased) and Lorraine Warren, the psychic team who were the founders of The New England Society of Psychic Research, the oldest psychic group in New England, were the first investigators to be called in to the home and they have a very fascinating story to tell.

There are good points made by conspiracy theorists and many others say there is truth behind the stories.  I could not find any short video clips that held creepy evidence.

This is another legend that has yet to be proven/disproven. The legend states that a devil worshiper named John Ketcham fled Massachusetts around the time of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, and relocated to the area of the Amityville house, where he continued dabbling in Satanism.  There is a historically significant Ketcham family that lived in the area, but there is no proof that any member of that family, or any other person by that name, practiced witchcraft or satanism in the area.” – according to the FAQ site listed below.

The house went up for sale in May of 2010 for 1.15 Million and was sold for $950,000 in September the same year  The previous owners lived there for 9 years and stated that they had never experienced any paranormal activity in the home.  They loved the home but had to sell due to a divorce.


The Origins of Halloween


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hHave you ever thought of the origins of Halloween, where and why it all began as well and why we celebrate it in the United States the way we do?  I have compiled what I believe, to be some very fascinating facts about the evolution of how Halloween came to be what it is today.

(This will be my last off-topic post here for a while.  I prefer to focus on the history of true haunted locations and the experiences the living are having with the paranormal and the how and why of it all.)

The Earliest Origins

It began approximately 2,000 years ago, the ancient Celtic festival of “Samhain,” marked a new year for the area of what is now Ireland, the U.K. and Northern France.  The celebration marked the end of the summer season, the death of the harvesting period and beginning of winter.  It took place on November 1st.  This was also the time of year human death tolls increased.

The Celts believed that on October 31, ghosts of the deceased returned to earth to cause trouble and damage crops.  The belief of the time was that these spirits communicated with the priests during this time period and helped them better predict the future which gave them great comfort.

The Priests (called Druids), would mark the celebration by gathering with the Celts and burning crops and animals as an offering for the spirits.  They would adorn animal heads and skins during the celebration and attempt to contact these spirits and communicate the future of those around them.  They would continue the celebration in front of their own hearths by lighting them from the sacred bonfire.  Their belief was that it would help protect them during the long winter months.

How the Rule of the Roman Empire Changed This Celebration

The Celtic territory was conquered by the Roman Empire by 43 A.D. and during the 400 year rule, the Roman festivals of “Feralia,” the celebration of the passing of the dead and “Pomona,” the celebration of the Goddess of fruit and trees were combined with the Celtic celebration, which is most likely where bobbing for apples comes into play.

The Catholic Church Gets Involved

According to, “On May 13, 609 A.D., Pope Boniface IV dedicated the Pantheon in Rome in honor of all Christian martyrs, and the Catholic feast of All Martyrs Day was established in the Western church. Pope Gregory III (731–741) later expanded the festival to include all saints as well as all martyrs, and moved the observance from May 13 to November 2.”  The church later dedicated November 1st as “All Souls Day,” also referred to as, ” All-hallows,” or “All-hallowmas,” in the year 1000.  Once it became a church holiday, people celebrated in similar ways as the Celts did but the costumes extended to include saints, angels and devils.

Halloween in America

Halloween was celebrated by the Pioneers in Maryland and areas south much more than the New England area due to Protestant beliefs.  As the beliefs of the Europeans came together with the Indians, the celebrations came to include gatherings where the attendees would celebrate the harvest by telling stories of the dead and each others’ fortunes and incorporated singing and dancing.

Halloween as we know it today came about nationally during the 1800’s with the influx of Irish Immigrants.  Irish and English traditions meshed together and people would dress up and go house to house asking for money or food.

By the beginning of the 20th century there was a movement to make it a national holiday centered more around neighborhood gatherings and away from celebrating pranks, witchcraft and ghosts.  Leaders and newspapers spread the word that they wanted all things scary removed from the holiday’s celebrations.

Between the 1920’s-1950’s the older practices of celebrating Halloween were embraced once again.  Families believed they could prevent tricks being played on them by passing out candy to the small children.

If you have enjoyed this post, feel free to share it.  If you would like to stroll through several haunted locations and learn more about their history, who may be haunting them and video evidence of paranormal activity, peruse this site by heading over to the sidebar for more.

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Missy Bell


Spookyworld – Our Visit and Review


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In my last post, Spookyworld Nightmare New England – Litchfield, NH, I give an overview of what the attractions are at this locationare and what you might expect to see and experience.

Today, I will give you an slight insight of our experiences during our last night’s visit.

487571_10151714894153456_1493144967_nWe arrived at the park at 6:30 and were the third group in line for our first attraction, The Bishop Legacy – Brigham Manor.  It was a Sunday evening and the attractions were scheduled to open at 7pm.  We were approached by a few creatures as we stood in line.  They stood quietly waiting for someone to turn and notice they were only inches away from our faces.  The makeup and masks were very well done and the acting was phenomenal.  The actors were in character the entire time, which made it much more enjoyable.  At one point I asked one of them, “how long did it take to finish your makeup,” to which IT replied, “no makeup!”

Our group of 7 fun-loving, sillies, had a great time.  The only real fear we felt was the element of surprise and uncertainty of what was lurking directly around the corner from us.  My husband led the group and the center consisted of 4 grown woman clung tightly to each other as we walked through as a tight-knit unit with the other couple in the group bringing up the rear hand in hand.

So as not to ruin it for others, I will only say that you should expect the unexpected.

As I wrote the last post, reviewing what we were up against I was a bit concerned about walking through the woods and “cemetery” in the dark.  I wasn’t worried about what might jump out at me, I was worried about tripping over stumps or rocks.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the paths were clear of all debris and very smooth.

I recommend a visit before it closes for the year on November 2nd (2013).  If you can’t, it’s worth planning a trip next year.

Two of us stopped by the psychic’s tent.  I would say to approach this as strictly entertainment.  The woman who read me spoke very fast and it all seemed scripted based on body type, the way I carried myself and clues she asked for.  I recently had an amazing tarot reading and I am a believer but this just didn’t resonate with me as being real.

Out of the 4 attractions, I would have to rank the Bishop House and the Freak Show in 3D as my top two favorites.  I would highly recommend going with people who think they will be scared.  It makes the adventure so much more exciting for everyone.  (A HUGE thank you to my husband, Sister-In-Law and amazing friends who made the night unforgettably amazing!)

Here are more pictures from last night…

1377488_10151727877888870_963816217_n64218_10151714894063456_1695080427_n 1376563_10151727970398870_615967433_n  1377161_10151727922593870_2017239360_n 1376611_10151728195623870_681537138_n

Thank you for stopping by.  Please be sure to stick around for a bit and check out some other posts on this page that go into detail about my paranormal experiences, history of other haunted locations and videos of evidence that has been collected.

Missy Bell

Spookyworld Nightmare New England – Litchfield, NH


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25mustseehaunts“Top Haunts Magazine” voted Spookyworld Nightmare New England in Litchfield, NH the best haunted house in the world for 2013 and the official site states it’s the “largest most terrifying haunted destination in the Northeast.”  It has 5 haunted attractions and several eateries and bars included on site.

A large group of us are headed there tomorrow evening so I thought I would report here on what we can expect.  I will touch base after with some pictures, and tales of horrors if we survive.

I took a look at what Spookyworld has to offer at this location (there are 2, the other being in RI).  Perhaps if I’m more prepared, I will be less startled.  I doubt it.  As I’ve mentioned many times over in comments on this site, I am more afraid of the living than I am of the dead.

Visitors can expect to have free reign of the newly expanded Monster Midway, but know you aren’t alone.  The living dead accompanies you on your adventure and may sneak up on you at any moment.   This is where you will find many attractions.  There will be several sideshow attractions, music, Zombie paintball, Go-Kart racing, Mini-Golf, Batting Cages, concessions, tarot card readings and a fire-pit.

All that sounds like fantastic, but add into the mix 5 different attractions to choose from with the possibility of new ones having been added, and you are sure to have a “spooktacular” time.

You will find the following attractions included with your admission (to find prices, head to the official webpage listed in the source area.  For discount coupons, visit a Dunkin’ Donuts prior to arrival.)

The Bishop Legacy – Brigham Manor

Brigham Manor is the home of the legendary Bishop family.  As the fictional tale goes, the family who built this home on the banks of the Merrimack River only ventured out at night and kept mostly to themselves.  After many people went missing and two cars belonging to several missing teens were found abandoned adjacent to their land, this Halloween-loving family who were reportedly partial to dark rituals was arrested.  It is said that the Bishop family has returned to haunt the home and the living members are back, ready to capture any new and unsuspecting guests.

Raven’s Claw Resurrection

Beware as you venture deep into the woods in the cemetery.  Watch your step as you pass by freshly dug graves.  Be ready to encounter a zombie or corpse as you pass gravestones, crypts and mausoleums.

Riverside Hospital

Riverside was turned into a psychiatric hospital to accommodate the many tormented souls who visited the Bishop estate to check out the property.  It didn’t take long for the hospital to be overfilled and understaffed.  When the Bishop Family returned, they paid the hospital a visit.  They cut all power, trapping the patients inside.  Travel through these halls with the light of a single glow stick and be prepared to hear the echos (or are they echos?) of the screaming residents.

The Colony

Take a walk through the woods along the Merrimack if you dare.  You may encounter members of “The Colony” who walk the darkness, away from the rest of society.

Freak Show in 3 D

“Enter the mind-bending labyrinth of 3-D Freak Show where a mutant army of freaks, evil clowns, and starving zombies reign supreme.”  Find your way through several obstacles while trying to avoid the monsters in the dark.

According to the official website, other attractions were being added as well.

Click below to view the Spookyworld & Nightmare New England Trailer 3

Check out the followup post to this one in which I review our visit to this location: Spookyworld – Our Visit and Review.

If you have been to this location, please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section.  Also head over to the sidebar for fascinating stories of some TRULY haunted locations.

Happy Halloween!!

Missy Bell


Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, PA


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Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, which opened in 1829 was once one of the most famous and expensive prisons known for it’s unusually cruel treatments of it’s prisoners.  According to the official website, it was considered “the world’s first true “penitentiary,” a prison designed to inspire penitence, or true regret, in the hearts of convicts.”

999752_10151628239823456_1955586262_nThis maximum security prison was made up of 7 different cell blocks with which all met in the center for an easier command center with the need for less guards.  Cells were designed for complete solitary confinement.  Each had a locked gate with iron bars with heavy wooden doors that would close off the prisoners from other inmates to be ensure there was no talking across the halls.  It was thought that isolation would help prisoners find God, but instead, it drove many of them insane.

The penitentiary was in use for 142 years before it shut down in the 1970’s for about 30 years.  They are now open for tours and it’s used as an outstanding Halloween attraction.

It sits on 10 acres of land and if you were to walk around it, you would complete a half mile.  It had 450 cells and at it’s peak there were about 1800 prisoners there at one time with approximately 75,000 prisoners admitted over the course of its operation.

mad chairInhumane Treatment of Prisoners

In 1913, Pennsylvania abolished solitary confinement and the inhumane treatment began.  If the prisoners acted out during the winter, ice cold water was thrown on them and they would spend the night outside.  In the morning they could be found with a thin layer of ice formed over their body.

Iron gags were used on prisoners who wouldn’t obey the no talking ordinance.  The gag was used like a bear trap on their tongues and was tied to their hands behind their back.  Every time they moved the contraption would cut their tongues.

If they misbehaved, one of the punishments was being strapped in a chair so tight that it would cut off circulation to their extremities.


Most of the prisoners were sentenced to life and died within these walls, hundreds perished during the TB outbreak and many others committed suicide due to the inhumane treatment.

If all of that isn’t enough to make you think it could be haunted, several guards were killed by inmates who would reach through the bars after the doors were opened and shoved them only a few inches until they fell over the rails to their deaths.

In addition, during the 1930’s, an officer was clubbed to death by an inmate with a disassembled piece of a sewing machine.

Famous Inmates

Al Capone spent time here in a very well furnished cell.  It was said he could be heard screaming on several occasions because he thought he was being haunted by one of the victims of the infamous Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Willie Sutton, a notorious bank robber actually managed to escape in 1945 through a tunnel that took a team of men a year to dig.  Once outside the walls, Willie was quickly captured.

The Hauntings

A locksmith doing restorations in cell block 4 was trying to remove a 150 year old lock from a cell door when a massive force overcame him. He believes that when he opened the gate it opened a pathway to the spirits who were trapped behind its bars.

In review of the Ghost Adventure’s investigation there were a great number of findings.  It was quite an intense episode.  During Zak’s interviews of an eyewitness at the prison, he discovered there were many reports of phantom footsteps, noises, voices, moaning, screaming, several accounts of physical touching and pushing, apparitions, banging and many other accounts of unexplained happenings.

The episode is 45 minutes long.  If you have an interest and would care to see what they discovered while on site, start viewing at 13 minutes.  This is where the first encounter is recorded.  Zak is taking to a tour guide and they step inside Al Capone’s cell.  Listen for what happens when another guide gives the history about reports that Al thought he was haunted.

(If you are short for time, after the previous part, skip ahead to around the 22:30 mark.)  When Zac starts to torment the ghosts, a clanking noise is captured.  At 25 minutes they receive a spike on the EMF detector and moments after they recorded an EVP.  I could go on and on with what they found and what happened to them during their stay.  I’ll let you decide if you’d like to review more.  If you decide you are interested, here is the link to the video:

1_0If you are among the bravest of the brave, you can pay a small fee to be scared out of your wits by people in full makeup and zombie attire who are stationed in cells throughout the jail.  Walk through and tread lightly so as to not disturb the ghosts.  watch your step however, the place is deteriorating and it adds to the image of a haunted location.  “Terror Behind The Walls” has 6 different attractions on site that start on the weekends in September and run every day through the month of October, except Mondays.  The last weekend is November 9.  You may have to wait in line, but they make sure you are entertained while you hang out with your friends.  For info, check out: Terror Behind the Walls.

If that seems too much for you, they are open daily for prison tours.

For a virtual tour, see the source documents below:


The Sordid Past and Hauntings of The Myrtles Plantation – St. Francisville, LA


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myrtlesThe Myrtles Plantation on U.S. Highway 61 in the southern town of St. Francisville, LA has such a sordid past.  It’s no wonder it has been dubbed the most haunted bed and breakfast in the country.

“The Myrtles has been featured in New York Times, Forbes, Gourmet, Veranda, Travel and Leisure, Country Inns, Colonial Homes, Delta SKY and on the Oprah Show, A & E, the History Channel, The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic Explorer, and GOOD MORNING AMERICA. It was also featured in The Haunting of Louisiana,” according to the “Official Website.”

The mansion was built in 1796 by General David Bradford, the infamous leader of the Whiskey Rebellion, then passed to his daughter after he passed away.  His daughter lived there with the Judge, Clark Woodruff and their children.

The Judge turned to one of the slaves, Chloe and made her his mistress.  She spent a great deal of time in the house caring for the children.  She seemed to want more that just a mistress title and tried to gain leverage by listening in on the conversations of Judge Woodruff and his guests.  After several warnings, he caught her eavesdropping one evening on private conversations with very important guests.  To teach her a lesson, he ordered to have her left ear cut off and banished her from working in the home.

Chloe was distraught as the banishment and wanted to be able to work in the home again.  She devised a plan in which she would served the family a poisoned cake, they would become very ill and she would administer herbs to heal them, leaving her the hero.  The dose of poison she used was too high and it ended up killing the judges wife and two of the children.

After she confessed to her crime, he sentenced her to be hung for it.  She was then weighed down and tossed in the Mississippi River.

There have been several reports of the family, who still takes up residence in the home, being seen and hear.  Perhaps they appear because they are unsure of why there are so many strangers in their house on a daily/nightly basis.

Myrtle Plantation Bed and BreakfastOn any given day, at any given moment, you may be startled to see rocking chairs rock on their own, hand prints on the mirror that will not come off, the piano playing on its own, glasses shoot from the ceiling from above the bar from where they hang, or feel a tug from the children as they try to get your attention.  You may also see Chloe wandering the 5000 foot old brick courtyard or hear reports of furniture being found to have been moved after the place had been locked up tight the night before.  If you take the tour, by sure to hold on to your earrings.  Many have gone missing in the parlor area and others found in the most bizarre of places by the staff.  Perhaps it is Chloe.  Only one will go missing, and really, that is all she needs.  You may even see her in the picture above from the Plantation’s History page where they believe you can see her haunting the courtyard.

If you dare to tour, but are not sure if you could handle the ghostly appearances that haunt the home as you sleep, they do offer day tours between 9 and 5 daily.  The home is beautifully adorned with southern antique artifacts.  It is a beautiful mansion, sitting on a lush 10 acres of land adorned with beautiful oak trees.

If you are feeling more adventurous, mystery tours are conducted on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Weddings are held on site and can be booked through their main page, located below in the source info.  Take a lot of pictures.  You may find some wedding crashers when your film is developed.

If you decide to stay the night, I’m sure you will feel right at home with the southern hospitality you encounter, not only from the staff, but from Chloe and the Woodruff family as well.  You may check in to one of the 11 rooms at this bed and breakfast but the questions are, “Who is tucking you in,” and “Will you actually sleep?”

This next video is less than a minute and it sent such chills up my spine…

Sleep tight!!


Things to Do in Salem, MA – Shops, Tours, Haunted Locations, Psychics, Museums and More


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Several friends, my husband and I are planning a trip to “The Witch City” of Salem, MA.  It is not only a ghostly city, but also home to on of the most significant seaports in America.  It is home to the 1692 historical witch trials.  With many shop, such as,  New Age and Wiccan boutiques, kitschy Halloween, witch-themed attractions and a vibrant downtown that has more than 60 restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, the 15th Annual Retailers Association of Massachusetts names Salem as the best place to shop.

If you plan on visiting, be sure to plan in advance which shops, museums or haunted locations you would like to visit.  There is simply too much to see in just one weekend.

Below you will find a great selection of museums, cemeteries, historical homes, shops, tours, mock witch trials and much more.  I’m sure you will find something to satisfy everyone.  If you are interested in stopping in to a haunted house, be sure to check the website offered with many locations that I will cover at a later time.  As you narrow your choices, be sure to contact the location to ensure they are operating during the time of your visit.  Some of the locations are seasonal and close after October or November and open again around April.


  • Burying Point – Charter Street – The oldest cemetery in Salem contains the grave sites of Mayflower voyagers and John Hathorne, Judge from the Salem witch trials.

Historical Houses and Museums:

  • Corwin House/Witch House – 310 Essex Street – The only structure still standing with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692.
  • Salem Witch Museum – 19 1/2 Washington Sq N. – Salem’s most visited museum focuses on the Witch Trials of 1692.
  • Witch History Museum – 283R Derby Street – Hear the untold stories of the witch trials.  Open April through November.
  • Chestnut Street – The antique houses on this street showcase one of the most architecturally beautiful streets in America.
  • Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery – 285 Derby Street, Salem – Hollywood FX artists have reproduced life sized monsters from over 30 different horror movies.
  • House of Seven Gables – 54 Turner Street – Includes a guided tour of the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion (The House of the Seven Gables), a visit to the Nathaniel Hawthorne House, the Counting House, the Colonial Revival Gardens, and the waterfront.
  • Museum Place – East India Square – This shopping mall offers specialty shops, , home to a single family for over 5 generationsan eatery and 3 screen movie theater and home of the Nightmare Factory, Salem’s oldest haunted house.
  • Phillips Street – 34 Chestnut Street – This is a federal style mansion that showcases 5 generations of artifacts.
  • Pickering House – 18 Broad Street – The oldest home in America, home to a single family for more than 3 1/2 centuries.
  • Salem Wax Museum – 288 Derby Street
  • Salem’s Witch Village – 282 Derby Street – Discover the myths and facts about witchcraft.  Hysteria Pass covers admission to the Wax Museum and the Witch Village.  Open year round.
  • Salem Witch Museum – 32 Derby Square – A great overview of the ares history and attractions.


  • Salem Trolley – 8 Central Street – One hour tours through Salem with all day shuttle service.
  • The Salem Witch Walk – 125 Essex Street – Join Salem Witches bless you, take you on a tour of a graveyard and teach you the truth about different types of witchcraft.
  • Witch City Segway – 283R Derby Street – a two hour tour through the city’s attractions on a Segway.

Witch Trials:

  • Witch Dungeon Museum – 16 Linde Street – Presentation of witch trial based on the 1692 actual transcripts.  Open April through November.

Occult, Witches and Psychics – Stores, Card Readers, Mediums, etc.:

  • Enchanted Magickal Shop – 98 Wharf St. –  H.P. Laurie Cabot’s new shop.  She was famed as the original owner of the first witch shop ever.  (Be sure to call for an appointment for tarot readings!)  Robyn Mortola is fantastic!
  • Lori Bruno – 63R Pickering Wharf
  • Omen – 184 Essex St.
  • Leanne Marrama – 246 Essex


  • Pickering Wharf – Derby Street – Featuring harbor tours and cruises, home to many boutiques, including occult and Wiccan shops.
  • Enchanted Magickal Shop – 98 Wharf St. –  H.P. Laurie Cabot’s new shop.  She was famed as the original owner of the first witch shop ever.  (Be sure to call for an appointment for tarot readings!)


  • Gallows Hill: The Witchcraft and Ghost Experience – 7 Lynde Street

This is an incomplete list as there is just so much to do.  These are all great places to start.

For a list of haunted locations, some of which (or witch) I will be covering the histories of here on this blog can be found by visiting the site, Salem MA Witch City Ghosts.

Please comment with your favorite location in Salem if you have visited in the past and we will report back after our visit.


  1. Salem Massachusetts – The City Guide (Website)
  2. Haunted Places to Go – Salem, MA
  3. Salem – Still Making History