With Halloween being right around the corner, I wanted to blog about places of interest in Massachusetts you can visit if you are interested in the paranormal.  Since this is a fairly new blog site, I wanted to start out covering local areas for friends and go from there.

Today, I chose to start a short series on The House of 7 Gables.  The reason I chose this is because of my mother.  I don’t think she would mind me sharing this story.  It’s always been one that has been shared over the decades during holiday gatherings.  The story never changes.  My mother’s grandmother was “sensitive” as is she,  She passed it to me and to my oldest son.  I won’t say psychic because I don’t think it’s that.  We just seem to be in tune to more activity for some reason.  We are also honest people.  We do not make up things for grandeur.  What I share with you is the truth as I know it or as it was told to me.  There may be an inconsistency, but this is 100% what I remember to be true.  My mother would never fabricate such a story.  If you knew her, you would agree.

Before I go any further, let me state, for the record, we believe in God and are Christian people.  I was called out on this yesterday because of my belief in the afterlife and want to just make that clear.  I choose to believe in the existence of the paranormal for the simple fact that I want to believe that after we die, we have the ability to watch over the ones we love and I draw comfort in feeling that my dear relatives who have passed have the ability to watch over us.  I’m comforted by that.  In times when I am utterly physically alone, I don’t feel alone.  That’s my choice to believe that and I don’t want to in any way, force this belief on anyone else.  These posts are written for you to take away what you will and believe what you will, that’s the privilege you have of being unique.

With that out of the way, let me share with you my mother’s story.  I will go further into detail about the history of the 7 Gables tomorrow…

My mother had been having a recurring dream for many years.  She was running from something or someone and she would get to a place where she felt safe and be running up a flight of stairs.  The stairs would start closing in on her and she would awake in a panic.  That was it.  Her entire dream.  There may have been more detail that I don’t recall, but, like I said, I don’t want to embellish the story for fear of telling you something incorrect.  She never shared this dream with anyone, except maybe my father, until much later.

One night, she and her friends had decided to use a Ouiji Board, just for entertainment to pass the time.  She trusted these people.  I grew up with these women and trust them as well.  I don’t think they would manipulate a board.  Anyhow, one of the questions they asked was what my mother had been in a past life.  The board stated she was a witch.  They all got a good laugh out it and shook it off as being a fun night.

staircaseThe dreams continued.  My mother was born in Pennsylvania.  We moved to Massachusetts when I was young.  When I was about 13, so about 1983, her sister came to visit and they decided we should all go to Salem.  My mother had never been.  They began the tour and when they got to the staircase at the House of 7 Gables my mother FROZE!  That had been the staircase in her dreams!  She was petrified to go to the top.  She learned that was the staircase the women accused of witchery would climb and hide out from their accusers in an upstairs room.  It took her a lot to climb that staircase but after that day, the dreams stopped.

I never knew what to make of it.  I never saw the staircase myself.  I sat outside and waited for them to finish the tour.  I was either being stubborn that day or the place scared me, I don’t really recall.  You decide for yourself.  I’m not going to say my mother was a witch in her past life because I have no proof of that.  No one would.  But where did this dream come from?  How did she keep dreaming of this staircase that she had never seen?  She had never read a book about the house, and no one ever gave her a history before she was there and she had never seen it on TV.  It was simply a local attraction she went to visit.

I’ll let you take away from this what you will but I would love to hear your comments.  Please be nice.  As I said, this is not fabricated for entertainment.  This is a true family story with just the facts.

Have you ever had a recurring dream?  I have.  There are 2 I have had since I was young and I cannot explain them.  I’ve never had anything like them happen and I hope I never will.

Please feel free to stay for a while and visit my other posts about paranormal activity and strange occurrences.  I have a second blog that is currently being updated daily that I hope you will visit if you are looking for ways to reduce stress and or increase the happiness and peace in your life.  It is The Peace and Happiness Project Blog Site by Missy Bell

Thank you for visiting!

Missy Bell