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Borden HomeFall River, Massachusetts was home to the Borden family in the 1890’s. Andrew and Abby Borden were murdered in the home on August 4, 1892. Their daughter Lizzie was tried and acquitted for the brutal crimes against her father and step mother due to lack of evidence.  Her sister, Emma, who had been away on a pleasure trip,  believed too, that she was not guilty of the crime.

In 2007, Tim Estiloz spent the night in the house and relays the history of the murders and the house today in this 7 minute video below, (“Lizzie Borden: The TRUE Story & The Murder House Today.”)

COMING SOON:  According to the official website, Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum, if you are too afraid to spend the night in a haunted house but have an extreme fascination, there is another option.  The house is set up with 16 cameras throughout and the main website offers a membership to which you can view their ghost cams from the comfort of your home.  They don’t guarantee you will see any ghostly activities (just to satisfy their lawyer they say) but they are hoping you will catch orbs, apparitions and astral projections.  They are hoping to have 4 cameras up and running by the end of this month (October 2013) and the rest active soon after.

If you go to the website above, you can find more info.  The current pricing for October 2013 is $15 for a tour.  They run every hour on the hour, every day, except major holidays, from 11-3 and last approximately 50 minutes.  Reservations for a tour are not necessary unless you have a group of 10 or more.

There are other options besides the tour.  You can choose to spend the night if you dare, but children under age 5 are not permitted.  You have the choice of just renting the room, doing a full bed and breakfast, “half board” or “full board.”  I was unable to get the rates at this time.

What are some of the things you have heard about the case or the house?  We will never know if it was Lizzie who committed these murders.  Perhaps with modern day science we could have pulled prints found from the axe in the basement, but even then, if the axe belonged to the family an argument could be made that her prints would be on it anyway.  Could it have been her sister who returned early from her trip or the maid, even a passer-by or neighbor who had a disagreement with the Bordens.  Again, we will never know.

Let us know if you have visited this location and if you think it is haunted.

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Missy Bell