If the thought of ghost hunting excites you, THIS SATURDAY NIGHT there will be an event in Wareham, Massachusetts from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM.  This includes dinner, lectures, and hours of ghost investigating in four haunted buildings!  Click on the first link in my “Sources” area at the bottom of the page for tickets and further information.  Jeff Belanger, author of the book I have sitting right next to me, “Encyclopedia of Haunted Places,” and about a dozen others will be a guest as well as Tim Weisburg, who is responsible for the findings below as well as several other notable paranormal investigators.

The Places scheduled for touring this October 12th will not only of the Fearing Tavern, but also of the Old Methodist Meetinghouse (circa 1835), the One-Room Schoolhouse (circa 1825) and the Union Chapel (circa 1880).


The Benjamin  Fearing Tavern, named for the Fearing family, one of the founding families of the town,  who owned it for 200 years, is now owned by the town of Wareham’s Historical Society in the state of Massachusetts.  It was originally a home that was turned into a tavern in 1747.  There have been preservations done several times since it’s been built but it has kept the look of the time period as much as possible.  Additions were made to the location in 1765 and 1820.  Walking in is like stepping back in time to the revolutionary time period with all the artifacts and time period furniture, some of it donated by generations of the Fearing family themselves.  It is quite a treat.

There is  great deal of history in this old place.  For instance, according to one of the books I used as a source, “EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon – Massachusetts Ghostly Voices,” by Michael Markowicz, approximately 200 British soldiers stopped here for some spirits and a bite to drink before heading out to burn down a cotton factory.  It also served as a court house and post office for the town of Wareham.

Michael Markowicz, host of “East Bridgewater’s Most Haunted” a local radio program, got together with an investigative team some time before 2009 and investigated the tavern.   The results reported in his book included EVP evidence from the investigation.   A voice that states, “Ze Attic” which sounded like it was spoken by a German voice then a noise resembling a broom sweeping the wooden floor when the spirits were asked if they lived there.

A strange bit of evidence was also captured that they could not explain.  There was nothing in the home that would make the noise of a slamming, then latching iron gate or door.  He points out that indeed, not all evidence captured is in the form of voices.  Just after the noise is captured, a voice is also caught stating, “Christ did penance.”

A little girl’s voice was captured asking, “Wanna play dress up,” as the team was headed for the basement area.

The fourth voice was of a man with an accent and was very clear.  IT was captured in a controlled environment.  He said, “We got ‘em mouse holes in here.”

The final EVP that is mentioned that was captured during this investigation is of a man who confesses to murdering his grandfather. “Hey Ashford, I killed Grandpa Ash!  I just knew you’d feel the pain.”  A voice states in reply, “then consider it… a gift.”

Forty six other EVP’s were captured by this team that night.

As I was reading about this in the Book, EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon – Massachusetts Ghostly Voices – Michael Markowicz, where the above evidence is taken from, it mentions a light that travels toward a bookshelf as it blinks and disappears into the wall.  They called it, “Tinkerbelle.”  I wasn’t going to mention it, that is, until I found it on YouTube.  Take a look at the full video.  I didn’t see it the first time but keep watching!!!

I’d say that’s pretty amazing.  What do you think?

So, will you be heading out last minute to check these locations out?  Let me know if you have ever been there or plan on going!