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In my last post, Spookyworld Nightmare New England – Litchfield, NH, I give an overview of what the attractions are at this locationare and what you might expect to see and experience.

Today, I will give you an slight insight of our experiences during our last night’s visit.

487571_10151714894153456_1493144967_nWe arrived at the park at 6:30 and were the third group in line for our first attraction, The Bishop Legacy – Brigham Manor.  It was a Sunday evening and the attractions were scheduled to open at 7pm.  We were approached by a few creatures as we stood in line.  They stood quietly waiting for someone to turn and notice they were only inches away from our faces.  The makeup and masks were very well done and the acting was phenomenal.  The actors were in character the entire time, which made it much more enjoyable.  At one point I asked one of them, “how long did it take to finish your makeup,” to which IT replied, “no makeup!”

Our group of 7 fun-loving, sillies, had a great time.  The only real fear we felt was the element of surprise and uncertainty of what was lurking directly around the corner from us.  My husband led the group and the center consisted of 4 grown woman clung tightly to each other as we walked through as a tight-knit unit with the other couple in the group bringing up the rear hand in hand.

So as not to ruin it for others, I will only say that you should expect the unexpected.

As I wrote the last post, reviewing what we were up against I was a bit concerned about walking through the woods and “cemetery” in the dark.  I wasn’t worried about what might jump out at me, I was worried about tripping over stumps or rocks.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the paths were clear of all debris and very smooth.

I recommend a visit before it closes for the year on November 2nd (2013).  If you can’t, it’s worth planning a trip next year.

Two of us stopped by the psychic’s tent.  I would say to approach this as strictly entertainment.  The woman who read me spoke very fast and it all seemed scripted based on body type, the way I carried myself and clues she asked for.  I recently had an amazing tarot reading and I am a believer but this just didn’t resonate with me as being real.

Out of the 4 attractions, I would have to rank the Bishop House and the Freak Show in 3D as my top two favorites.  I would highly recommend going with people who think they will be scared.  It makes the adventure so much more exciting for everyone.  (A HUGE thank you to my husband, Sister-In-Law and amazing friends who made the night unforgettably amazing!)

Here are more pictures from last night…

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Thank you for stopping by.  Please be sure to stick around for a bit and check out some other posts on this page that go into detail about my paranormal experiences, history of other haunted locations and videos of evidence that has been collected.

Missy Bell